August Empties part 2

I split my August empties posts into two and posted the first one a while back. I was working my way through so many sample sized items it was getting overwhelming and I really just wanted to let go of some of them before the end of the month. It also saves me from having too long a post that no one wants to wade through.


Here’s the remainder of my August empties.

Simple micellar wipes and Simple micellar eye pads-I really enjoy the Simple micellar wipes, this was a repurchase. Once I did repurchase, then I received the eye pads in a subscription box. I don’t feel the need to repurchase the eye pads as I really prefer my Almay eye pads. But, the regular wipes I’ll probably repurchase. I don’t use wipes daily, and I am currently trying some that are really cheap from Big Lots, so it’ll be quite a while before I need to buy these again.

Lab for You juice up sheet masks. I used the kale one and Miss Butterfly used the blackberry one. These were decent sheet masks. They did make my skin soft. I am not a huge fan of sheet masking, I rarely take the opportunity to do it, so I probably wouldn’t repurchase unless I begin regularly using them.

I used two perfume samples, a YSL Mon Paris and a Hermes sample as well. The YSL sample made me realize I didn’t want the full size, though I previously thought I did. The Hermes was strong, but just all right. Nothing I loved. I won’t purchase either. Though to be honest, it would be very surprising to find myself purchasing perfume in general.

Kiehl’s brightening and line reducing eye serum-This sample was not that impressive to me. It, oddly, felt a little warm when I put it on. I used it daily for the duration of its use, but only once a day as I had this distinct feeling it could be drying. I don’t think I saw much in the way of skin improvement either. Not one I’ll repurchase.

Next to that is Origins Ginzing brightening eye cream and quite frankly I hated this product. It didn’t moisturize, it just existed on my undereye area with a little sparkle that didn’t actually show up after I put concealer over it. To be perfectly frank, this sample made me never want to try any other Origins products. So, if anyone out there has good recommendations from the brand, feel free to leave that in the comments.

I finished a buxom lip gloss sample. I love buxom lip glosses, and this sample made me go out and purchase a full size in a color I preferred. (With less sparkle) So, I guess you could say I already have repurchased?

Mary Kay lip mask-this was a slightly, very gently, exfoliating lip mask which I was trying to use up. It’s not my favorite, though I believe they’ve changed their formula since I purchased this one. It could be better now. I also had the lip balm in my project pan to use up, but it’s starting to smell funny and will probably get tossed. It didn’t have any healing benefits, just added some slipperiness to the lips. I won’t repurchase either.

First Aid Beauty Resurfacing liquid AHA-This I liked! It was a small sample, but it really only takes the smallest amount each day. I may repurchase this one, I feel like my skin isn’t quite as clear now that I’ve finished it up and had a few weeks without it. It’s expensive, So I’ll be waiting until all other such products are out of my stash AND there’s a sale.

Ulta brand brush cleaner-I loved the smell of this soap. I didn’t love the spray delivery system. It worked really well, but I’ll be exploring some other options before I decide if I will repurchase this or not.

That’s it! All the remaining empties. I’ve got a plan to try to use up a mask a week this month. I am already behind! I don’t think September empties are going to be quite this large in number. While I do still get quite a lot of samples from subscription boxes, I tend to also concentrate on one item in a category until I’ve used it up, rather than getting overly excited, opening everything, and giving everything a try. It gives me a much better idea how each product performs now, and that I appreciate.