Proud of This One

I knit a lot, and I like what I knit. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t do it. But, so often it’s more about the process than the finished object. Every once in a while though, I’ll finish a project and realize I am really proud of it. Scottish Stripes is one of those finished projects.

Let’s start with the handspun yarn:


I finished it in early 2016, and I am unsure as to how I managed to not cast it on right away. Perhaps it really just needed a perfect project and sometimes that takes awhile.

Once found, it still took a while, the pattern sitting in my queue for a long time. I began it and really enjoyed knitting it. I concentrated on it until I was about halfway done, then set it aside for other things, like decluttering the craft room. In the end, to push myself to finish this project I had to take it to work for lunchtime knitting. Then, with the end in sight at the beginning of my little vacation, I brought it home for a vacation finish. I finished it, I blocked it, I got a new dog and forgot about it. Crazy right?

So, today I took photos. It’s the best day for it anyhow, it rained all last week.

I absolutely love this scarf. It’s clever and creative and colorful and interesting. I am so glad I chose to knit it, and I am so glad I managed to finish it.