Gone Quiet

Sorry all, I haven’t been able to maintain any type of regular blog posting schedule lately. I am in a seriously busy cycle at work, which is unlikely to let up until the end of October. When home, I am pretty busy with doggos and parenting and various activities. It’s not been easy!

Plus, I think I may have mentioned, but not sure, this week when I was in the yard with Rose she managed to try to play with Lizzie, yanking so hard on her leash unexpectedly that she slipped her collar and managed to injure my shoulder. It hurt that day, but for 2 more days got progressively worse. It got to the point where I couldn’t sleep in bed, I had to sleep upright in the recliner to get any rest at all, even on ibuprofen. Knitting was a challenge, Miss Butterfly had to do my hair, and Mr. Ink had to pick up my slack. This was also challenging because I could no longer walk both dogs by myself, and had to make sure I had someone around to help with that as well. Obviously, with that much pain, I also wasn’t feeling the blogging. I was getting quite worried after 2 days of a worsening shoulder pain but today I am on the mend! I am so pleased.

So, all I’ve got today is dog and kid photos. But, I’ve also got a finished object that is blocking right now, I can offer that to look forward to!


There’s been some play between Lizzie and Rose, sometimes they play tug of war. Every once in awhile they wrestle as well. Progress!

Friday night Miss Butterfly insisted that she cuddle with both doggos while we were watching a movie.


She also ended up with two large scratches on her face from playing with Rose.


And here’s Lizzie monitoring Rose at dinner time. Lizzie gave up her typical spot and now allows Rose to use it. Also insisting that she stay under there while Mr. Ink is cooking.

We’ve had a really fantastic weekend with Rose actually. On Monday she’ll have been here two weeks. Prior to this weekend, she’s been pretty naughty in the mornings. But, I think with a now steady schedule and routine, and also now also knowing her boundaries, she’s no longer quite so naughty and I am getting the opportunity to knit and drink coffee again instead of chasing her around trying to get her to chew an appropriate toy rather than shoes, socks, or a record album. The combo of pain, exhaustion, and monitoring the dog all of the time was really wearing thin. I am glad we’ve put that behind us now.

That’s my weekend! I hope you had a great one as well!

3 thoughts on “Gone Quiet

  1. So sorry about your shoulder! I do hope it mends on its own, but don’t be afraid to have it looked at!

    Glad Rose is learning the routine! Routines do make life with pets easier.

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