The Week

It was a long week for me, extra work hours, non-stop work, extreme stress, a boss with a family emergency suddenly leaving for a week or two in order to take care of that, so all major decisions about my team fall on me with no back up or validation or anyone to bounce ideas off of.

It was also a week I took care of a friend’s cat while he was on vacation, and of course, with long hours and high stress, the days felt really overwhelming.

I finished this Brillig shawl last weekend, it was blocking as we moved into the week. But I never bothered to take a photo until last evening. I mean, blogging just wasn’t high on my list of things that had to be done this week.


It turned out pretty good! Subtle. But pretty. Not at all what I was expecting. I adored the pattern though, so I think you can expect to see more of these from me. And it used up two skeins of handspun yarn, which always feels like an accomplishment.

There was a high point to the week though, and I’ve got pictures from that. On Wednesday morning while I was deep in work terribleness, I got a message from a good friend of mine asking if I wanted to go for a sail. He got a boat this summer and I hadn’t gotten to go out on it yet. I thought of the millions of things I needed to do and how tired I was and I almost said no. Then, he said “Moody teens also invited!” To which I thought what a great way to spend some time with Miss Butterfly!

So, despite the exhaustion, I took Miss Butterfly and her friend and met up with my friend and we went for a sail. Here’s the thing, I adore sailing, I really do! Everything about it interests me. I love being on the water, I love the work of sailing, I love how you are stuck on a boat and can’t get distracted, I love how quiet it can be if motorboats aren’t around. It’s peaceful. But, I’ve only ever sailed on the ocean. This was a new experience.

We decided to sail until sundown, watch the sundown, turn on the lights and sail back in.


It was a fantastic way to spend an evening and de-stress. And it tired us all out very well, we checked in on the cat, grabbed dinner, and headed home straight to bed!

Sailing on the lake takes a bit more concentration than on the ocean. There’s no large amount of time you can just keep moving one direction. You have to really be paying attention and there’s a lot more work to it. But it’s still very good!

We’ve now got an invite to come back and sail any time, providing the weather works out. So that’s fun! I look forward to getting out there again. Next time I’ll bring bug spray for the biting flies around my ankles!

That’s the week in hindsight from here. I’ve been doing a little knitting, so there should be more content at least tomorrow. But I haven’t been able to do a ton of it.


4 thoughts on “The Week

  1. I am glad that week is over! Brillig looks absolutely gorgeous. I can see why you would want to make more! And the sail looks like so much fun! Glad the wind didn’t die at sunset, as it often does on the ocean.

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