It’s a rather chilly morning here in the midwest. But, since it’s to be 80F later this week, we aren’t about to turn on the heater yet. Instead, we decided to pull out a space heater and then also fire up the electric griddle for pancakes this morning. It’s working pretty well, though Mr. Ink is outside rather chilly while digging in the dirt.

He’s on vacation just now, but work is too busy for me to be on vacation. In fact, my life is quite the opposite. I am putting in a ton of overtime right now. That overtime is making me quite testy, and it’s coming out at work. Not at my team, but my tolerance for not abiding by deadlines my team and department have worked hard to set is almost none, and I’ve done a ton of saying “no” recently. It’s funny actually because we’ve tried to say that word before and it’s never worked. But this season it’s working because we really ARE that overloaded and exhausted. There’s just no way to fit it all in anymore.

In true to form for him, something went quite wrong right before vacation that interferes with his plans. This vacation it’s the dishwasher which quit draining the night before his vacation. The dishwasher is all pulled out, a new drain pump is ordered, and we are hoping he can fix it. Not that I’d mind a new dishwasher, I just don’t have the time or brain space to pick one right now. That takes research, and I don’t have time for that.

Of course this means traditional dishwashing for me, and honestly, I thought I’d be super annoyed. However, where I am right now it ends up being a rather soothing chore. I barely have the desire to work on crafts, nor do I have a bunch of time, so dishes are something I can do that don’t take a ton of time, and the water is warm and the payoff tangible.

I did finish up a project though. This was mostly worked on last weekend while Miss Butterfly was up to all her activities. I finished a 3 ply handspun yarn!


I ended up with 440 yards and it’s probably a worsted weight yarn though I haven’t really checked. The wool is pretty rough and I don’t know what it’ll end up getting used for. It looks pretty in my stash though!

Miss Butterfly is at camp this weekend, and she’s thrilled to pieces about it. What does this mean for me? A very well deserved and much-needed brain rest. I had plans for my day but I really think sitting here getting some blog posts written and scheduled while the dogs play at my feet is pretty much how I’d like to see the majority of my day be spent. (I would like the dogs to go to the dog park though if the rain holds off.)

Have a great weekend my friends. I’ll get a few more posts scheduled and then you can even feel like you are hearing from me once in awhile!

4 thoughts on “Chilly

  1. Oh, so sorry about the dishwasher, and work! Though glad that it means you are holding people to deadlines and turning them down. Maybe they will remember this and pay more attention next time. I haven’t had to do a big state grant in a long time, but we just decided to go for one due the 16th. Because of my calendar, that means it has to be sent out on the 12. Finance guy said he would get me the budget by then! I said that he could write the narrative, too, then. He seems to think the two are not related. Exec. Dir. stepped in, I will get that budget this Friday. Jeesh!

    On a happier note, your yarn is beautiful!!! I love those blues and greens!

  2. I feel you on the overloaded and exhausted and just hope it gets better at work for you soon. I’m completely in love with those colours and it looks like a rather fun yarn. I hope you can find a few gaps in your day to squeeze in some spinning for your sanity, and I always really love seeing your handspun!

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