A Lip Product Challenge

So, despite the fact that when I began wearing makeup earlier this year I had never really explored lip products in any depth at all, I managed to purchase and fully use one bullet lipstick.

Now, I think that’s a pretty big accomplishment. At the same time, I realize that part of my ability to do so is because I didn’t start out with many lip products. But now that I’ve been messing around with makeup for so many months, I’ve acquired quite a few new lip products through various subscription boxes and purchases. In no way is it a lot of lip products but it’s enough to want to be able to explore all those colors and not specifically pan another lipstick right now.

I’ve been enjoying watching “Lipstick Roulette” videos on youtube, where the host will pick a few colors out of her extensive lipstick stash, use them for two weeks, and then decide if she wants to keep that item or get rid of that item.

I do not have such an extensive collection that I could do such a challenge. I only have 22 items and most of them are small sample sizes. So, I asked Miss Butterfly if she’d like to choose 5 items for me to concentrate on for 2 weeks at a time. She was THRILLED. Absolutely thrilled. She spent a lot of time considering which 5 she would choose. She wanted to make a nice mix of colors and types of lipsticks. I was quite surprised at just how into this task she got.

So, I took a photo.


From left to right (swatches) Oryza Beauty color Opus, Mac matte color russian red, Tarte Tarteist lip paint in exposed, Ofra liquid lip in verona, and smashbox liquid lipstick (color unknown, unfortunately.)

So, these are the 5 colors I’ll be spending the next two weeks using. After that, I’ll have her choose another 5. She’s chosen two of my favorites already, I love the smashbox and ofra formula. I am trying the oryza for the first time today and I have to admit, I am not in love with the deep color. The formula is quite nice though.

Unlike the lipstick roulette videos, I also won’t be removing items from my collection. I don’t have enough lipsticks to do so and it would have to be pretty awful for me to decide to do that. I don’t think I have much that I think is particularly awful. But, if I do find something that’s awful, I’ll be sure to add it to one of these posts in the upcoming series.

Rolling 10 Pan Update 2

Rolling project 10 pan update coming your way. It’s been another month and I’ve been able to work very hard and finishing a number of items. Not only that, but I’ve been working consistently on so many of these now that this month looks great for using things up, and next month looks great as well! Here’s the list of 10 from last month:

  1.  Foundations
    1. Urban Decay All Nighter
  2. Concealers
    1. Maybelline age rewind
  3. Bronzer/Contour
    1. Wet n Wild contour palette (Doubles as powder, so I won’t choose a powder this round)
  4. Lipstick
    1. Maybelline nude matte lipstick
  5. Perfume
    1. Gucci Eau de parfum II (Get halfway through this product)
  6.  Haircare
    1. Deva Curl Shampoo
  7. Cleanser
    1. Trader Joe’s
  8. Miscellaneous items
    1. Becca Undereye Primer
  9. Body Care
    1. Mary Kay Satin Hands

Urban Decay All Nighter-I began mixing this with It cosmetics cc cream matte formula. This helped the color work better for me and helped the longevity of the formula. I took a hiatus from project pan during my conference to wear other foundations, but once the conference was over I decided to quit mixing and go back to hardcore panning. I took photos over the weekend for this post, and at the time it was still going strong even though I could no longer see where the airless pump was on the container. I am proud to report that as of this morning it’s no longer pumping a steady stream of product so I am calling it done.

Maybelline age rewind concealer-I love this concealer though it sometimes feels like the coverage is awfully light when paired with UD all nighter foundation. It does make my undereye area look good though, so it’s no trouble to keep using it. Miss Butterfly also uses this one, and it’s certainly one we’ll be repurchasing once this one is finished. However, I’ve got a Bare Minerals concealer that will make an appearance in this project pan before I move on to another one of these age rewind ones.

Wet n wild contour palette-The powder is already gone, can you believe it? I worked hard at eliminating that powder from the pan this month. I believe I’ll be done with the contour shade next month.

Maybelline Nude matte lipstick-I wanted to pan a bullet lipstick, and now I have. I am not replacing this category at this time. I want to just generally use a bunch of different lipsticks before I get into panning another lipstick item. Maybe I’ll even make a series on it for the blog.

Perfume-I am so annoyed about this perfume, it doesn’t have the staying power I remember and I wonder if that’s just because it’s older. I should be taking it to work with me and reapplying to get maximum use since it doesn’t stick with me, but then I’d give up the opportunity to have it used by Miss Butterfly. The saddest part, I have another one as a back up in my collection. Do Not Buy Back Ups! This is my warning. Maybe I’ll bring the back up to work.

Deva Curl shampoo-I’ve got another month of use out of this product I suspect, so I’ll just try to keep after it and really get it finished this month. Then I may use that category for something new entirely.

Trader Joe’s cleanser-DONE! I am so glad I panned this item. In the end, it worked fine. I’d put it away because it felt like it was drying my face, but when I felt that way I wasn’t using moisturizer or any other face products, so my skin was quite dehydrated. It works just fine now and I am so pleased I didn’t toss it. I plan to reuse the bottle with the pump for a cleanser I own in a problematic bottle. But, it’s not a cleanser I plan to pan right away, so I am giving up this category for the next month.

Becca undereye primer-I really love this product and I may repurchase at some point. Steady progress is being made. I’d say that the packaging is a little annoying at this point, it is hard to get the product out of the corners. But, there’s so much product still in the corners! I’ve got another undereye item to try after this is done so I won’t repurchase right away, but despite its pricey nature I really love this one.

Mary Kay Satin Hands-I have been working on this one and actually used up the associated but not pictured hand cream. No matter, we can always use a different hand cream. I suspect we’ll use up the hand softener next, but I’ve got a backup solution for that as well. These count as two, which is why my list only has 9 items in a 10 pan project.

New items-I am adding in my lovely frankenhighliter that I made from the Clinique palette and another sample item as well as the one base shadow I’ve been working on from that now tossed palette. I am also adding the Hourglass vanish stick foundation-I have this in a shade that does not work for me. I should have returned it, but I didn’t until after it was so late I’d be embarrassed to do so. My plan with this is to use it on the redness on my face and then cover it with a better foundation match. This is what I did during the conference and it worked very well. It’ll probably take me ages to finish it this way, but I do want to get use out of it. For this, I used the cap to indicate how much of the stick I have when entirely rolled up. I took this measurement from the absolute highest point on the base container. The white line on the cap is the measurement.


New list:

  1.  Foundations
    1. Hourglass vanish stick
  2. Concealers
    1. Maybelline age rewind
  3. Bronzer/Contour
    1. Wet n Wild contour palette
  4. Highlighter
    1. Frankenhighlighter
  5. Perfume
    1. Gucci Eau de parfum II (Get halfway through this product)
  6.  Haircare
    1. Deva Curl Shampoo
  7. Eyeshadow
    1. One pan of clinique eyeshadow.
  8. Miscellaneous items
    1. Becca Undereye Primer
  9. Body Care
    1. Mary Kay Satin Hands

So, this month I believe that I’ll finish the concealer, the contour, the shampoo, and perhaps one of the satin hands items. I’ll be able to easily roll in another concealer, contour, and hair product. I am less sure what to sub in for the body care item. Hopefully, in the upcoming month, that item will reveal itself to me.

Another Little Project

Before I began Miss Butterfly’s sweater, I cast on a Ziggity Zaggity scarf using handspun yarn. I thought it was a cute little pattern, but at this point I am fearful the thing is totally going to curl. That being said, it’s still a fun little knit with increases and decreases and as usual, the handspun is really satisfying to work with.


I do hope a good blocking will really help it not to roll. I also hope it will open it up quite well, at this point it is going to be a pretty short scarf unless it increases significantly.

Here’s a funny thing that happened on Friday. Miss Butterfly’s father was working on demoing a home in our neighborhood. He contacted me about a piece of furniture that looked pretty nice but was just going in the dumpster. I don’t think I ever quite said “I’ll take it.” But eventually, I got a message from him saying “I am dropping this off at your house.” I think he just could not bear to see a nice piece of furniture just get trashed so he decided to make it my problem. I spent the remainder of Friday at work wondering what shape it would be in. But, once home, I was soooo tired. I took a nap, Mr. Ink had to wake me up an hour later to get the dogs walked before it got dark. Then I didn’t feel too well so I went to bed early too and slept a really long time.

The next day I went out and wiped it down with a towel just to see what I was working with. It looked in pretty decent shape! We need to fix a piece on the mirror and one drawer pull is missing, but it’s good enough to use. So, I spent Sunday washing it really well where we could then see it shine. Here’s what it looked like with a wash.


The mirror is already inside as it’s going to take some TLC from Mr. Ink. I need to figure out how to remove the little labels on the drawers. It would benefit from a full refinish but that’s not in my wheelhouse at the moment. The aesthetic of this piece does not fit our home at all, but it makes a lovely little vanity and Miss Butterfly and I had a great time moving our makeup set up into the drawers Sunday afternoon. We are looking forward to the moment when it has a mirror!

That’s about it for here, more makeup posts coming up in the next few posts as it’s the end of the month and time for that!


Sweater Knitting

Miss Butterfly recently began raiding my stash of handknit sweaters in order to increase the amount of clothing she wears. She has found a few she wears regularly but then requested I make her something. Since it’s been years since she’s really been excited to wear something I’ve knit, I obliged.

She chose an aqua colored yarn from my stash and since I’d been itching to knit I See Spring, I chose that to knit for her.


I knit the body of the sweater until I had only 3 balls of yarn left. Then I decided I’d better knock out the sleeves, which is my least favorite part anyway, so that I’d know how much yarn I had left for the body. I also already finished the neckline just so that I didn’t forget I’d need yarn for that at the very end of the project.

So, all things considered, this project is moving right along! And I am super excited to get this particular yarn stash entry moved out of my stash. I’ve never loved this yarn so it’s great that Miss Butterfly chose it. It’s too “flat” for my taste. Flat colorwise. I hope to continue to make good progress on this, it would be great to have another sweater finished this year!


Just in time for the holiday

Remember this?


I am sure you do if you are following along because I really did go on about how much I disliked this palette. One weekend this month Miss Butterfly and I decided to mess around with it. We decided to save her eyebrow shades and I decided to save the one in the top right corner as a shade to set my lids after priming them. It’s not very pigmented so I can totally get away with it. We depotted those two shades. Then I decided to make a frankenhighlighter using the first two top shades starting on the left. I’d been messing around with both of them as a highlighter and they both worked, but not the best. I thought that I, personally, could do better.

So, I depotted both of those shades, removed them from their pan, crushed them up, added some loose highlighter I’d gotten as a sample from an indie company, mixed it all up, and then pressed it in 3 little pans from the palette. That turned out to be a lovely highlighter just as I had imagined.

Then Miss Butterfly wanted to mess around with the palette, and she took every single remaining shade, depotted them, and mixed them up to see what would happen. She then repressed those into 2 remaining pans as she liked the color. I suspect those won’t stick around in stash for long, but they can be there while she experiments with them.


So, from left to right, three pans of highlighter I made, 2 pans of the cool toned brown Miss Butterfly made, the setting shade that I saved and the two colors Miss Butterfly mixes to fill in her brows. As you can see, I lost a chunk of the lightest color in the depotting, but Miss Butterfly says she doesn’t care.

It was quite a month for repressing actually. I also had to work with my wet n wild contour palette that I am trying to pan. I’d gotten to a point where the light powder was very hard to use and the dark powder ended up completely moving in the pan.

So, I decided to break up both of them and repress them in the middle of the pan.

This had some unexpected results, like the orange that helps turn the lighter powder a yellow tone coming through, as well as a pinky tone coming through in the darker powder. However, when applied these have the same result as they did prior to repressing. They look a little funny but they perform just fine.

So, in makeup, it’s been kind of a fun month. While I am still working on panning some items I don’t love, it was also fun to get to a point with some items that I had to really work at getting the most use out of them. I could have tossed both of these palettes at this point for being difficult to use, but the online beauty advice has been helpful for learning how to get the absolute most out of what I have purchased. So, even an eyeshadow palette that I actively hate can be divided up and repurposed to something that is useful and even something I like. I may not be using ALL of it, but I am using a fair bit more than I expected when I decided to let that palette leave my stash.


Bad Photos

I have tended to be quite busy in the evenings and not overly motivated to get decent photos even though I AM motivated to get a little blogging done.

So yesterday at lunchtime I took a very poor photo of a new project. Here it is:


This is the silken diamonds scarf, and it’s out of handspun. I am keeping this one at work and getting a couple of repeats done during lunchtime. For the record, the associated handspun yarn looks like this:


So obviously it’s MUCH prettier in person. Plus, those diamonds will open up nicely once the scarf is washed and blocked. But we aren’t quite there yet.

I had made this goal of trying to knit 40 items this year. My current count is 24 so it isn’t exactly looking good unless I start knitting a whole bunch of hats, and that’s highly unlikely.

While technically it’s only October still, I am starting to think about stash busting goals for 2019. My current goal has been to knit double the amount that I spin, and I am fairly on track for making that happen. (Knit 10 miles, spin 7 at the moment, plenty of time to catch that knitting total up.)

I currently have 123 stash entries on Ravelry at the moment for yarn. This is handspun and commercial yarn, and includes Miss Marja handspun that is in my stash as well. I feel certain that there may be a few yarns wandering around in there that are not accounted for as well. But, I think what I’d like to try to do next year is get my stash entries under 100 and keep them there. This would require taking new inventory to make sure I’ve accounted for everything and then really getting creative with trying to use up what I have. Sort of a “project pan” for yarn. Since over the last few years I’ve gone from containing my yarn in two cabinets down to one cabinet, I know I’ve made a great amount of progress overall along these lines but I would like to continue that. The recent major clean out of my craft room stash was also quite motivating, and the ensuing to be used fiber and yarn did not tip me over into needing an additional cabinet to hold everything. While the craft room clean out isn’t entirely complete at this time, it’s so much closer to being done than it had been, and even if I managed to finish it, it would not interfere with my ability to use only one cabinet for my entire stash.

So there you have it, I am already thinking toward the end of the year and to next year goals. This works well for me really because I can now start to preemptively work toward that goal, making sure that all stash yarn is accounted for on Ravelry and so on.

And that’s it from here!

Creek Stomping

We took time out yesterday to spend some time out of the house on a most glorious fall day. It was much needed time, I was less exhausted having caught up on a lot of sleep and I was very much ready to spend some time out of doors with my family. We took the dogs, Miss Butterfly, and her friend out to a state park to do a little walking.

With the girls in tow, it turned into a creek stomping trip for them. They quickly got rid of their shoes and got right into the water, following the water rather than the trail.


They are hard to see here, but it’s hard to take a picture of them down in a gully while I am standing at the top of the gully on a trail!

Soon enough, Lizzie had to join them, barreling down the side of the gully like the dynamic adventure dog she is and splashing right into the creek.


She’s not a dog who likes swimming, but walking through the water is completely her thing. Here are a few more of her wandering through the water.

She was nice and wet and muddy with leaves stuck all over her underside and hind legs once she was done. I am pretty sure she called it a successful day. She’s such an amazing dog. Many times I’d look at what she was trying to accomplish, the two rocks she was trying to jump between, or the side of the hill she really should be unable to climb, and watch with my mouth hanging open as she did exactly what I was sure she couldn’t do. This is exactly my reaction each time we take her on a trip like this. She’s really the best dog ever. Persistent, adventurous, athletic, and extremely good at endurance. She may not be the fastest dog, but that’s because she’s busy thinking things through and processing her next move.

Rose had a great time too, though each new situation worries her a bit. The trains going by on a nearby railroad worried her, and while she desperately wanted to join Lizzie in the creek stomping, every time she’d try she’d get in the water she would freak out, jump and splash, then run out of the water a little terrified and back onto the trail. No matter, she’s young and she has all the time in the world to continue to work on her concern about the world around her. She’s gotten so much better in just the short time we’ve had her.

She really seemed to be having a most excellent time even with her concerns.

You may already know my love for spiders, and Miss Butterfly found me a particularly spectacular one!


If anyone is able to identify this one, I’d greatly appreciate it! It was large and fascinating!

Once we were done at the park, the dogs, who were trying riding in the very back of the vehicle this time around, were good and exhausted.

Miss Lizzie sunned herself, probably chilly after her water adventure. And Rose thought a nap would be entirely appropriate.

We had a dog training class with Rose that same evening, so after we got home we got a few things done around the house, fed Lizzie, then took Rose to the dog park and then to training. She was so exhausted at training that she was perfectly lovely and mostly stayed laying down while the teacher was instructing.

This was most definitely one of those days I needed, a truly great one. I would do it all over again today if I could!