The New Start

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to knit next after I finished the cowl last week. The cowl was such a quick knit and I knew I wasn’t going to choose something that worked up fast for the next project. I wanted to choose carefully as I knew I’d have a long overtime week and need something really truly mindless.

I ended up getting that in the sweet anemone shawlette.


It’s mostly garter stitch with some yarn over patterning on the edges. It’s easy to memorize and great to mindlessly work on. I choose handspun for it so I could also enjoy the color changes. The handspun is a 2 ply out of loop cloud fiber.

I am really enjoying this project even though I was slow to get started! I am still working on my down the road and back again shawl which resides at work. I am on the back again part, more than halfway through. But, since I haven’t been able to take lunch breaks recently either, it’s a bit stalled out. To be honest, it’s not my favorite knit so I didn’t bring it home to work on either. I’ll stick with the simplicity of garter stitch.



3 thoughts on “The New Start

  1. Nice looking shawl! As for down the road… I made a few mods that make it easier. Instead of thumb loop increases, I do a yo, then knit it through the back loop on the return trip. Also, on the wrong side, I reverse my yarn wrap on the two stitches after each marker. What this does is mount the stitches with the leading leg in back. When you come to that ssk on the next row, you just knit two together through the back loop. These two things made me stop fighting the pattern. Hope they help you!

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