Pan That Palette update 1

Revised: I wrote this post on Saturday and scheduled it for this week. After thinking it over for a couple of days, this is not just update number one, but the finale on this project. I hate this palette. I hate how it looks and how it goes on my eyes. I am trying so hard to make it look decent but it doesn’t. I am not going to continue trying to pan this palette, I’ll just allow Miss Butterfly to use up as much as she can out of it and we’ll call it good. Life is too short to wear makeup you actively hate! I’ll choose another palette to pan that I really enjoy and post about it soon. Back to the originally scheduled post:

I started a pan that palette project at the end of August in an attempt to get some use out of the Clinique palette I purchased at the beginning of the year. And spoiler alert, hate.

Here’s where we started:


Here’s where we are now:


Turns out this is pretty decent progress. There are some shades I haven’t worked on at all, I’ve concentrated mostly on the grey matte shade and the blue below it, or the burgundy below and to the left of it for eyeshadows. I generally pair those with some sort of a shimmer from a different palette, or a stila shimmer and glow on the lid.

The two lightest shades on the far left I have been using as highlighter and inner corner/browbone highlight. I am not a huge fan of that because both are technically too light for my skin. But, I admit I’ve been doing it anyhow on days I am using other project pan items.

I’ve been using the various dark browns as eyebrow filler, and that seems to be going ok. It doesn’t make fast progress, but it’s being used and that makes me feel good.

Miss Butterfly uses two of the shades mixed for her eyebrow colors, and those are the two shades where pan has been hit. These have seen some pretty quick progress, and I expect they’ll continue.

And finally, I figured out that the top right shade is fairly lacking in pigment so I am finding that it makes a decent primer base. I expect to be working on that one heavily in the upcoming month as well.

Perhaps I’ll experiment a bit more and see if I can find any more uses for these colors. If not, no matter. I’ll keep working on this for now and see where we end up at the end of the year. At that point, I’ve decided that I’ll have gotten appropriate use out of this palette and will switch it out with a palette I like a lot better.

Update 1 a success, even though it’s a tough success to show!

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