September Empties

I ended up with quite a few empties again this month. And really, that again has much to do with so many small items from subscription bags. However, I did decide that I am way too overloaded with these types of items and canceled one of my subscriptions. I may have another go at it in the future but at this time I want to get a handle on the tiny items I have and then some use out of my full-size items before I head back to that particular box.

Still, subscriptions have been a lot of fun, like opening a present each month. Plus, I’ve learned a ton about various products and what I do want to purchase as well as so many I have no interest in.

Here’s the empties:

img_7342Left to right as usual.

I purchased some Garnier micellar water for Miss Butterfly to try, and she finished it off this month. She immediately begged me to purchase a large bottle, so I did. I guess she liked it. It’s a would repurchase situation!

Above that are wander beauty eye masks. I have two more packages to use, but I didn’t love these and would not repurchase.

I went through another container of Almay eye makeup remover, these are the waterproof remover kind. I love these and they’ll likely show up in my empties pretty regularly.

Below that is a sample size of Lush Big Shampoo. I enjoyed it but probably wouldn’t purchase it. I might sample it again if they ask if I’d like samples.

There’s a container of IGK dry shampoo. This was not loved by anyone in our home. I don’t like dry shampoo anyhow, but Miss Butterfly hated it and refused to use it. So I used it from time to time. She hated the scent and didn’t think it worked well. I think it worked fine and the scent didn’t bother me, but I don’t like dry shampoo.

Below that is Farmacy Honey Drop moisturizer, and boy did I love this one! I loved the smell of it, I loved how lightweight it was, and I would absolutely repurchase except that I’ve got moisturizers for days and less expensive options at that. I was extremely happy to work through that sample though, and it took a surprisingly long amount of time.

Next is Morrocan Oil dry texture spray. I truly believe this was the product that had Miss Butterfly’s hair looking so great for her homecoming dance. And those curls stayed all next day. I couldn’t believe it! But, to be honest, I’d also been using this sample quite a bit for a little extra lift and texture at the roots on day two or three hair that I was just going to pin up anyhow, and I really loved it as well. This is a 100% will repurchase product, and I am so excited to have it around to use in a larger can.

Under that is a sample of Bad Gal Bang mascara which I believe I’ve talked about before. I love it as a lower lash mascara, it doesn’t do a thing for my upper lashes. And I won’t repurchase but I sure wouldn’t be sad to receive another sample someday.

Then there’s the Deva Curl styling cream. I am not trying to get my hair to curl anymore, but it’s a nice product to add to my hair to get it sleek and smooth and lacking in frizz. I do like this product, and I am glad I do since I also have a full size that needs to be finished up. That may get added to a project pan at some point. I will not repurchase after I finish the full-size item though.

There’s a Mary Kay satin lips lip balm in there that I’d been trying to pan for 3 months. I finished the partnering lip mask last month. I gave up on this product though. It never really did anything but make my lips slippery, and now it smells terrible so I think it has officially turned. It’s 2 years old, so not that surprising.

Below that is a sample of makeup forever HD foundation. It was a bit on the dark side for me so I worked hard to use it up while I had a tan this summer. I actually pulled the top off this and scraped it out with a spatula because I liked it so much. I would absolutely explore this particular item once I’ve gone through some of the current foundation stash. Only after getting a proper color match of course.

Next to that is another project I thoroughly enjoyed, it’s the First Aid Beauty coconut water cream. I would repurchase this once I wander through my current moisturizer stash. It’s lightweight, it sinks into the skin super fast, it smells pleasant but not overwhelming, it’s exactly what I want in a daytime moisturizer. I was sad to finish this sample size, and as you can see I wanted to grab every last bit since I cut the tube.

The jontebleu eyeliner I received in a subscription box and it’s absolutely terrible. I can’t get it on my eyes at all without hurting myself. The pigment isn’t there and it’s not creamy either. It’s getting tossed and I hope I never see another jontebleu product in a subscription box.

There’s a Tony Moly The Black Tea serum. I liked this well enough but am not entirely sure what it did for my face so I wouldn’t repurchase.

And FINALLY, the last product I finished this month was mac prep and prime skin base visage. I liked it well enough, it added a bit of a glow, and I wasn’t thrilled with the silicones. I was perfectly happy to use it up, but wouldn’t really feel a need to purchase.

I thought this was a pretty good empties month overall, I felt like there were more products than usual that I really enjoyed and wished I could purchase. I suppose that might be why I quit one of my subscription boxes, in hopes that I’d work my way through enough product to use something I did really love rather than constantly try new things. I am already wondering what empties I’ll manage to work through next month!