Pan That Palette Reboot

So, after my pan that palette tantrum of last week, I let Miss Butterfly know that I had no intention of continuing to pan a palette I actively hate. Her response was “I was waiting for you to come to that conclusion!” So, she’s going to keep working on her brow shade and I am going to keep working on the shade I use to set my eyelid primer, and once she’s done with the brow shade we are tossing the thing. I’ve been considering doing something like making a frankenshadow or frankenhighlight out of some of the shades, but I’ve never tried such a thing so I am not sure if I’ll be inspired about that or not. We’ll see. Might be fun to try with Miss Butterfly.

After I informed Miss Butterfly of my decision, I spent some time evaluating what palette I could pan. The reality is the decision wasn’t that hard. Right after I got that awful clinique palette I got the Tarte Be a Mermaid and Make Waves palette. Now, this palette was soundly ridiculed for being ridiculous, but the reality is that the shades are lovely and super easy to wear. I will also say that pretty much every warm toned shadow palette that came after this one looked very similar. Warm reds/oranges with pops of blue.

As for me, I’ve adored this palette so much. So much that I actually put it away because I feared using it too fast. Now I’ve decided that is ridiculous, and I’d like to pan the palette.


It’s kinda shiny and hard to get a photo of, but here it is. As you can easily see I’ve already hit major pan on sandbar. The only mattes in this palette are sandbar, shipwreck, and shore thing. Many of the other shimmers have a pretty good dip going on them. I absolutely love every single shade in here, and so I want to pan the entire thing except perhaps the turquoise and teal. We’ll see about those. It’s inevitable that I’ll need to use other matte shadows at some point to supplement the shimmers in this palette, but I’ve got mattes that even mimic the ones in this palette so that shouldn’t be difficult.

This will be a long-term project and my hope is to do midmonth check-ins since so much of what I write about that is makeup related happens at the end/beginning of the month. I also want to allow this to be slow going, as I don’t want to burn out on the project immediately. This can be a year-long endeavor, I love the palette and I want to truly enjoy it when I am using it. Also, I won’t be trying to make these shades double as something beyond eyeshadow. This is not an attempt to use it up as fast as possible in any way possible. It’s simply to get maximum use out of a palette in my stash that I absolutely adore in every way.

And with that said, it’s time to go do my makeup and I’ll be using this palette immediately. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Pan That Palette Reboot

    • LOL! I will use them, but isn’t that the nice hting about makeup and yarn? We get to choose what we think looks the best and there’s a ridiculous amount of variety!

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