2 Days, 2 FOs part 1

Last weekend I finished, washed, and blocked a shawlette. It rained all week, often pouring, and I had no opportunity to get a photograph. Instead, I knit. And that means I have another FO as well.

I’ll show off last week’s FO today and tomorrow I’ll post this week’s FO.


This is the sweet anemone shawl and I knit it out of a handspun yarn I had in stash. This handspun I made from some loop! cloud, it’s a 2 ply and it’s very soft. Softly spun and softly plied. It has a bit of sparkle.

The little floral motif around the edges of this shawl were very easy to work and very easy to remember to work, and that made this a really fantastic knit for this week while I stressed about the upcoming conference.

The conference begins tomorrow evening and while I am looking forward to it, I am mostly looking forward to it being OVER. This year instead of 30 poster stands I needed 70 which meant two trips to an art supply store to purchase additional poster stands, a big order to the print shop for additional 4 feet by 5 feet poster boards, and 3 full car loads to the conference site with the associated loading up, and unloading once I got there. It also meant that one car load had to stay in my car overnight Thursday night rendering one car completely useless to us.

Once I get to the site on Sunday evening and after the registration desk is set up and ready to go, I get the great pleasure of setting up all 70 poster stands and boards which means I am likely to be a hot sweaty mess that evening. Poster session is Monday, so then I get to break them all back down and on Tuesday load them all back in my car and make the 3 trips to distribute them where they need to go. It’s going to be a very long day. For the record, this is typically a one car load job.

We have presentations scheduled straight through lunchtime on Monday and then I get to load up and head straight to a dentist appointment that I for some odd reason decided to schedule directly after the conference. Probably just to get it out of the way.

Thankfully after all that I have a day off. Which I definitely think I’ll need and deserve!