2 days, 2 FOs part 2

And here’s the next one!


I finished the Leftie shawlette yesterday. I used a silk single as the main color and then the leaves are 6 different colors of koigu kpppm leftover from my legends of the fall sweater. This was a fantastic knit! Truly! I would absolutely knit this again. I loved adding the little pops of color and was eager to knit those rows every time. I still have a fair amount of kpppm left, so it could happen that I knit another. But not yet, I am already on to other projects. Plus there’s that pesky down the road and back again shawl to finish up.

In dog news, here’s a cute photo:


Mr. Ink had been sort of bummed that Rose didn’t seem to take to him as fast as she did to us. I had to remind him that it took Lizzie 4 months to really settle in with him. And Rose is far more nervous a dog than Lizzie. I’ve been noticing changes lately, Rose being likely to sit at the door waiting for him to arrive home, or likely to go up to him for some kisses, but this week he got an all out greeting when he arrived home. Full on hound dog snuffles with excessive tail wagging and even a nose nibble, one of her highest forms of affection. The next day he got exactly the same, plus a paw to the face, her other highest form of affection, so I think it only took Rose a month and a half to settle in with him. Now she’s truly found her place in the family.

That’s it from here! Conference starts tonight and hopefully at the end of it I’ll have something new to show off. Plus, I am hoping to be back to my regularly scheduled more often than just on the weekends posting schedule.