Blogging Again

It’s been a particularly long “recovery” after this particular conference. I blame the fact that far more equipment was needed this year than in past years as well as the fact that I am 12 years older than I was when I first started this, and I am pretty sure that counts for some exhaustion. There have been heating pads for my back and sore feet and so many extra naps in the two days off that I’ve had since the conference ended. Thankfully I had the dogs to keep me company, they did a lot of napping too.


There’s also been knitting. Well, I did some knitting at the conference. Though far less than typical since more equipment meant a lot more set up and break down. Most notably, I almost brought my down the road and back again shawl to completion. On the final day, I could have finished it but had forgotten my pattern so I wasn’t sure what the final few rows should be. I finished it up when I got home.

It’s very pretty but I don’t intend to knit this one again. It’s not my cup of tea.

I’ve started a bunch more things since. 2 scarves and a sweater for Miss Butterfly. Actually, I started 3 but one of them ended up looking like this:


Yep, one of my knitting projects finally fell prey to a young dog who loves to shred. Mr. Ink was outside “for only 10 minutes” while this happened. You should have seen the ball of yarn! And I lost the needles too. But I was able to salvage the yarn with careful unknotting and hand winding. Obviously, the start of the project was not salvageable. The reality is, that sweet dog is so smart that she knows what she wants and she will absolutely wait until her humans are not looking to go after it. Which means she’s not trustworthy at all “for only 10 minutes.” But, under my watchful eye, she’s not destructive at all anymore.

That’s about it for here, we’ve got a day packed full even though it’s a Sunday, but I am hoping the work week evenings will show me a little bit of downtime this week. And at least there shouldn’t be overtime! (Though I worked overtime on Friday again, completely unexpectedly.)

I’ve got a few new knitting projects to show off so there should be blog posts, and I am already working on one makeup related blog post as well. So, I am hoping I am back in a bit of a routine now. A normal routine. Which will be extremely welcome at this point.