Bad Photos

I have tended to be quite busy in the evenings and not overly motivated to get decent photos even though I AM motivated to get a little blogging done.

So yesterday at lunchtime I took a very poor photo of a new project. Here it is:


This is the silken diamonds scarf, and it’s out of handspun. I am keeping this one at work and getting a couple of repeats done during lunchtime. For the record, the associated handspun yarn looks like this:


So obviously it’s MUCH prettier in person. Plus, those diamonds will open up nicely once the scarf is washed and blocked. But we aren’t quite there yet.

I had made this goal of trying to knit 40 items this year. My current count is 24 so it isn’t exactly looking good unless I start knitting a whole bunch of hats, and that’s highly unlikely.

While technically it’s only October still, I am starting to think about stash busting goals for 2019. My current goal has been to knit double the amount that I spin, and I am fairly on track for making that happen. (Knit 10 miles, spin 7 at the moment, plenty of time to catch that knitting total up.)

I currently have 123 stash entries on Ravelry at the moment for yarn. This is handspun and commercial yarn, and includes Miss Marja handspun that is in my stash as well. I feel certain that there may be a few yarns wandering around in there that are not accounted for as well. But, I think what I’d like to try to do next year is get my stash entries under 100 and keep them there. This would require taking new inventory to make sure I’ve accounted for everything and then really getting creative with trying to use up what I have. Sort of a “project pan” for yarn. Since over the last few years I’ve gone from containing my yarn in two cabinets down to one cabinet, I know I’ve made a great amount of progress overall along these lines but I would like to continue that. The recent major clean out of my craft room stash was also quite motivating, and the ensuing to be used fiber and yarn did not tip me over into needing an additional cabinet to hold everything. While the craft room clean out isn’t entirely complete at this time, it’s so much closer to being done than it had been, and even if I managed to finish it, it would not interfere with my ability to use only one cabinet for my entire stash.

So there you have it, I am already thinking toward the end of the year and to next year goals. This works well for me really because I can now start to preemptively work toward that goal, making sure that all stash yarn is accounted for on Ravelry and so on.

And that’s it from here!