Just in time for the holiday

Remember this?


I am sure you do if you are following along because I really did go on about how much I disliked this palette. One weekend this month Miss Butterfly and I decided to mess around with it. We decided to save her eyebrow shades and I decided to save the one in the top right corner as a shade to set my lids after priming them. It’s not very pigmented so I can totally get away with it. We depotted those two shades. Then I decided to make a frankenhighlighter using the first two top shades starting on the left. I’d been messing around with both of them as a highlighter and they both worked, but not the best. I thought that I, personally, could do better.

So, I depotted both of those shades, removed them from their pan, crushed them up, added some loose highlighter I’d gotten as a sample from an indie company, mixed it all up, and then pressed it in 3 little pans from the palette. That turned out to be a lovely highlighter just as I had imagined.

Then Miss Butterfly wanted to mess around with the palette, and she took every single remaining shade, depotted them, and mixed them up to see what would happen. She then repressed those into 2 remaining pans as she liked the color. I suspect those won’t stick around in stash for long, but they can be there while she experiments with them.


So, from left to right, three pans of highlighter I made, 2 pans of the cool toned brown Miss Butterfly made, the setting shade that I saved and the two colors Miss Butterfly mixes to fill in her brows. As you can see, I lost a chunk of the lightest color in the depotting, but Miss Butterfly says she doesn’t care.

It was quite a month for repressing actually. I also had to work with my wet n wild contour palette that I am trying to pan. I’d gotten to a point where the light powder was very hard to use and the dark powder ended up completely moving in the pan.

So, I decided to break up both of them and repress them in the middle of the pan.

This had some unexpected results, like the orange that helps turn the lighter powder a yellow tone coming through, as well as a pinky tone coming through in the darker powder. However, when applied these have the same result as they did prior to repressing. They look a little funny but they perform just fine.

So, in makeup, it’s been kind of a fun month. While I am still working on panning some items I don’t love, it was also fun to get to a point with some items that I had to really work at getting the most use out of them. I could have tossed both of these palettes at this point for being difficult to use, but the online beauty advice has been helpful for learning how to get the absolute most out of what I have purchased. So, even an eyeshadow palette that I actively hate can be divided up and repurposed to something that is useful and even something I like. I may not be using ALL of it, but I am using a fair bit more than I expected when I decided to let that palette leave my stash.


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