Sweater Knitting

Miss Butterfly recently began raiding my stash of handknit sweaters in order to increase the amount of clothing she wears. She has found a few she wears regularly but then requested I make her something. Since it’s been years since she’s really been excited to wear something I’ve knit, I obliged.

She chose an aqua colored yarn from my stash and since I’d been itching to knit I See Spring, I chose that to knit for her.


I knit the body of the sweater until I had only 3 balls of yarn left. Then I decided I’d better knock out the sleeves, which is my least favorite part anyway, so that I’d know how much yarn I had left for the body. I also already finished the neckline just so that I didn’t forget I’d need yarn for that at the very end of the project.

So, all things considered, this project is moving right along! And I am super excited to get this particular yarn stash entry moved out of my stash. I’ve never loved this yarn so it’s great that Miss Butterfly chose it. It’s too “flat” for my taste. Flat colorwise. I hope to continue to make good progress on this, it would be great to have another sweater finished this year!