October Empties

I can’t quite believe we are barrelling toward the winter holidays so fast! Another month has passed me by, and because it was so full of things that needed doing, it flew faster than I imagined.

I took photos for my October empties this morning. However, I’ve got both dogs sick, one of them with digestive issues, and I’ve been up since 2:30 a.m. and completely forgot to add a few things to the empty pile. I’ll have to add them at the end of this month.


I am starting with the types of things we used up in the shower. These were all larger items except the Lush product and they all took us quite a long time to use. They just happened to finish up last month.

From left to right.

Oaty Creamy Dreamy from Lush, a shower cream. I liked the more hydrating nature of the shower cream, but this one had an undertone of scent I didn’t love. Miss Butterfly didn’t love it either. It wasn’t hard to finish up, but we won’t repurchase.

Vasanti Brighten Up exfoliating cleanser. This was my product and I used it about every other day. I did love this. When I work through my other physical exfoliants, I may consider repurchasing, depending on the price. I believe I got this in a fab fit fun box, and I am surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

Marianella body caviar. I’d buy this again in a heartbeat if I had the money for it, but I don’t. It’s a really luxurious product. The scent was amazing, really rich and spicy, and that scent really lasted on the skin. I’d use this every day for a very long time if I could. This was another fab fit fun offering and it totally hit the mark.

Clinique purifying charcoal gel cleanser-this one was used by me but mostly used by Miss Butterfly. It seems to work nicely on her dry but slightly acne prone skin. It worked great on my skin too, it’s a very nice product. We are trying a CeraVe cleanser for her now, but after that’s gone we’ll discuss what is working best for her skin. It may be a repurchase.

Briogeo Roscaro conditioner-I adore Briogeo hair products, especially the hydrating ones. I’ve got another of their conditioners in my shower now, but when that’s gone I’ll probably get another one of these. Definite will repurchase.

Now for the other products:


These are all more of a smaller to sample size nature. I’ll work left to right again.

Wander Beauty baggage claim eye masks-I finished up these this month and I don’t need to repurchase. I don’t really care for them at all.

A sample of Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion-we already regularly use this in our home so using this up didn’t tell us anything new. We repurchase this on the regular as it works for Miss Butterfly’s skin.

Dr. Dennis Gross C+ collagen deep clean-I enjoyed using this sample size but won’t repurchase. It’s a bit heavy, I only used it at night. It’s too expensive to repurchase it but it’s nice to have tried it out.

Sunday Riley Tidal brightening enzyme water cream-I liked this product quite a lot, but I think I really get similar results from my belif aqua bomb, so I’ll stick with that more inexpensive version.

Below those is a Rimmel lip liner that I hated. But, it paired well with the Maybelline Nude matte lipstick nearby that I was working on fully finishing this year. I am glad they both seem to have finished up at the same time and I can get them out of my stash. I won’t be repurchasing either of them.

There are two nailpolish top coats. One has too little left to keep using and the other got left open one too many times and has dried out to the point of no longer being useful. (Miss Butterfly has a tendency to leave it open and then I’ll walk into the craft room later and want to holler about it. Hollering doesn’t help.)

Finally, I have two sample sizes of hand cream or body butter. I have decided that I really like a fairly neutrally scented or unscented hand cream. The moment it becomes something with a lot of scent, I feel like it doesn’t work as well for me and also I never find the scent overly pleasant.

And that’s all I am showing off as empties this month. I expect that as I begin to wander away from subscription boxes and the smaller items that they contain, I’ll also be wandering away from particularly large empties posts. Though it is strange how the samples tend to accumulate even so. I am down one box already, and will continue to phase them out. They have been really fun, and I definitely don’t regret having them, but I have amassed a lovely collection of makeup and skincare now, plus I feel strongly that they served their purpose in identifying a number of products I really like and would like to actually continue to use long term.

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