Very Pretty and a dog update

I do love when handspun yarn turns into a very pretty project. And that’s certainly the case for this lovely scarf I just finished!


Not only lovely but super wearable. Not at all the rather over the top colors I typically choose! I love how all the tones in here meld together beautifully.

Things have continued to be super strange at work, I’ve got yet another coworker with a very serious family issue going on who will not be able to get to work for the foreseeable future. Today it’s down to me and the gal that JUST had surgery, and she’s basically here but not fully functional.

Add to this that I’ve not felt well (better today!) and both my dogs have issues right now, and you’ve got someone who is really struggling. I’d set up a vet appointment to have Rose’s eyes checked. She had surgery on them before she came to us, and we needed to make sure that the surgery held. Before we even had an opportunity to get in to the vet, Rose began having tummy troubles. They continued getting more severe, and Mr. Ink and I continued to get less sleep because she had to go out repeatedly at night. This culminated in coming home from work on Thursday to a dog who had tried desperately to hold it for the 2.5 hours she was in her kennel but not managing it, and having an explosive issue in her kennel. Which is kept in our bedroom. Our bedroom closet. Where we keep our clothing.

Miss Butterfly had gotten home first and gotten Rose straight into a bath, but it wasn’t a very thorough one since Rose is tough to handle for a 14-year-old. The entire house stunk terribly, but Miss Butterfly had gotten smart and gone around opening windows and closing off our bedroom. I got Rose a second bath, and then Miss Butterfly monitored her going out needs while I began clean up duties which consisted of taking the kennel outside, cleaning up the floor, the bedroom carpet, the walls, and removing ALL of the clothing on Mr. Ink’s side of the closet that was hanging and getting that to the basement for a wash.

Then, I called the vet and ran to the vet office (thank goodness they are open until late!) to get her some super special, low fat, bland, prescription food. (Expensive, but WORTH IT at that point!)

Our vet appointment on Saturday consisted of confirming that Rose’s eyes are indeed doing JUST FINE and then coming up with a plan to transition her to food that doesn’t bother her stomach but is also not $40 for a very small amount. She’s now on the special food until next week as well as probiotics for the rest of the month and it’s making a HUGE difference. Then we’ll start to transition her to regular food, no more puppy food for that girl.

Then, I’ve got Lizzie. While I was at the vet with Rose, I set up an appointment for Lizzie who seems to have picked up another autumn respiratory illness. She’s been coughing terribly for more than a week now, and it’s not getting better. I was hoping she’d begin to improve as soon as I set up the appointment, but it’s not to be. She’s basically coughing from 2:30 a.m. straight through until I go to work in the morning. To say that we are sleep deprived right now would be a gross understatement. So, this month our dogs are very needy and very expensive! At the moment, it’s like having infants. Thankfully, that’s not the case regularly but right now we are stuck in a very tough routine. (That is now improving since Rose is back to sleeping through the night at least.)

Here are some cute dog photos to prove I still love them completely even though it’s been a rough week. First up-Rose after getting me up at 3:30 am after a night of struggles, but by 5 when I had no time to try to go back to sleep snuggled down in her blanket.


This shows you that she really wasn’t feeling great in general, she is typically pretty active in the mornings, quietly chewing on her antler or something.

Then, I’ve got Lizzie who didn’t deal well with the time change staring at me to try to convince me to let her eat already.

Then from this weekend-with Rose finally feeling better we got her to the dog park. We left Lizzie home much to her chagrin. Despite being sick, she does NOT want to be left out of anything. I gave her a nice full kong to occupy her mind while we were out. It had rained on Saturday, and it was quite cold on Sunday. The dog park was just extremely muddy. There weren’t too many dogs there, but Rose did manage to find a number of friends to run off her extra energy with. I felt super awesome because despite being a newer dog owner, I was able to give some helpful advice to other newer dog owners who were struggling with puppy behaviors. Most notably, FREEZE THAT KONG so it takes longer to get through! It was fun talking to the other dog families, and Rose is starting to get recognized. “Oh, my dog has played with Rose before!” which is really fun. Once home, Rose was about done for the evening. She woke up for dinner, but that’s about it. In this photo, she’s out so hard she’s drooling.


I took the opportunity to clip her toenails which she entirely does not mind when she’s nice and sleepy. Do you see all that leftover mud on those paws? I am so glad I’ve got at least one feeling better!