I’ve been working on a sweater for Miss Butterfly. I thought I had enough yarn. But, just in case, I decided to knit the arms before finishing the body of the sweater. I knit those sleeves over the weekend and began the body of the sweater using the final ball of yarn minus whatever small amount went into the second sleeve. What I then misjudged badly was the short rows that make the back of the sweater longer than the front. Lovely short rows which really make the sweater a nice piece, but do eat a lot of extra yarn.


I ran out of yarn. I ran out of yarn at the point which I should be making the bottom hem.

I checked out Ravelry, found someone with one skein left of the same color, and contacted her. I am hoping that I’ll be able to get a final final skein to finish up the hem. I am waiting to hear back at the moment. Miss Butterfly came home from a visit with her father and said: “OH WAIT, IS IT DONE?!?!!” I was so sad to have to give her the news that it was not.

But, she understands and doesn’t really want me to skimp on length either. Now we wait! I’ve identified at least one other person with the yarn on their trade/sell page, but that person has 5 skeins and I do NOT want another 5 skeins!

Should be a pretty cute modeling photo once this thing is complete though, I am crossing my fingers it’ll be fairly soon.

5 thoughts on “Almost!

  1. I hope the person answers you… but if not, see if the 5 skein person will just sell you one?

    Or, apply the colorblock theory and do a completely different color hem.🤪

    • According to the teen, absolutely not! Those sleeves must be longer than her fingers! Direct specifications. I think the color block idea is good, if I can’t get more matching yarn, I think I’ll redo the garter stitch on the arms in another color to match the garter stitch bottom band. But, I am still holding out hope for the yarn to make it my way!

      • She’ll grow out of that, LOL (literally and figuratively). All of my sleeves are like that because I’m a hobbit but too fat to wear children’s clothes, and all of them, even the nice ones, have paint on the ends….. or they’re wet when I finish the dishes etc.

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