Rolling through the FOs

I just keep those finished objects rolling off my needles! Maybe I can hit that 40 finished objects still! (I highly doubt it, but I am still shooting for the stars.)

I finished this ziggity zaggity scarf. It curls like I thought it would. But it’s still pretty. It’s short, which I hadn’t imagined. But it’s wearable. Just not the super large item I generally like in a scarf.

I am glad I got to use the handspun yarn though, it’s always pleasing to see how handspun knits up.

I have also finished the Close to You shawl that I showed off the start of last week, but I am still waiting on that one to finish drying. It was an extremely pleasant knit, and again, the handspun looks so pretty. I can’t wait to show it to you!

So, I began another project. In an effort to reduce my yarn stash entries on Ravelry to under 100 next year and keep them there, I am trying to knit up the stash that hasn’t been indicated on Ravelry yet. I began a Knitters DNA shawlette with a gradient yarn, and then I plan to work up a hat for a favorite 1-year-old in my life. I think that’ll cover the yarn that isn’t actually listed in my stash, plus the hat will be a fast knit adding to that ever so hopeful total of 40 projects this year.

And you may remember I am just a bottom band away from a sweater for Miss Butterfly and waiting on the yarn to arrive. I anticipate that’ll arrive this week. I am really hoping for a good color match so I can whip that project off the needles and get it photographed.

The great news is that I have a vacation beginning this week! That’s right, I am taking even longer off than I generally do for Thanksgiving. Here’s the thing, I was unable to take the amount off after the conference that I typically do and I’ve been running on empty (but catching up a bit) ever since. We are having company for Thanksgiving, and while that’ll be pleasant, it will NOT be restful. Plus, the house is at odds with how I enjoy it since the busy nature of my summer/autumn hasn’t left me with a ton of time for deep cleaning. That’s what I’ll be doing starting on Thursday. Deep cleaning, beginning with the areas that are “public” in our home. So, I just have to make it through Wednesday and then I’ll be happily staying home and cleaning the house, and sometimes running errands that have also been neglected during the nuttiness of this year. I bet the dogs are going to LOVE it!

That’s it from here today. Tomorrow, stay tuned for a dog-oriented post with pictures of…puppies!