I am finally getting around to posting the Close To You shawlette. This was one really pleasant knit, and one I’d knit again in a heartbeat if I felt I had the perfect yarn for it.

I love the handspun colors as well, the original fiber was from Dyeabolical yarns.

This brings me to 68% of my yearly goal of 40 projects. I am not there yet, but getting closer.

I have bad news about Miss Butterfly’s sweater. I got yarn I thought was correct through destash, but it wasn’t the right color. So, we went to a commercial retailer and got a couple of skeins, one of which might match, and the other two which we can use as a color for the bottom band and the sleeve bands. And then? I’ll have like 3 leftover colors I have to figure out what to do with adding to my stash! Ack! It’s ok though, I really do want to finish up that sweater for Miss Butterfly this year.

On the dog front, both dogs are back to normal mostly. Rose is FINE, and Lizzie’s eyes are still a bit runny but she’s not coughing and hacking up a lung. We’ve had a nice hard freeze and she’s much better for it. In fact, she’s been pretty funny. Now that her nose is working, she spends a lot of time sniffing around the house, as if all the household smells are brand new again. Can’t say I blame her, when my nose starts working after a cold, I feel quite amazed by it.


Rose decided to play fashion designer while in her kennel one day, getting hold of one of Mr. Ink’s shirts and making it a bit more avant garde. She’s certainly still a puppy, and each time these things happen I do notice that no one has seen fit to add something to chew on to her kennel. It’s the price Mr. Ink pays for not adding something to DO.


But all in all, we are seeing way less bad behavior with this gal, despite the fact she’s on the couch here. She’s on the couch because sometimes Lizzie gets on the couch, and she thinks she has to do what Lizzie does. But, what we aren’t seeing is shoe chewing, sock chewing, knitting project chewing, blanket destroying, etc. It’s great to be able to walk out of a room and realize that I won’t walk back in to a disaster. It frees up my time a bit as well, I can get more done around the house without having to be checking in on her constantly.

And with that, we are seeing more good and sweet behavior. We get to enjoy all the hound snuffles and sweet kisses and cuddles from the sweetest and quietest hound dog you ever did meet!

This is day 2 of vacation. I got the deep cleaning of the kitchen done, including removing everything from drawers and cupboards and wiping them down. What a chore! But it looks so nice and clean now! Miss Butterfly had a few friends over for a firepit last evening as the weather was more pleasant than it has been. They were friends I hadn’t met yet, but are very nice young ladies. Miss Butterfly has a very severe low tolerance for drama (though like her mother, she loves to watch it from the sidelines) so she’s set herself up with a group of friends in HS that keep their drama to a minimum. I kind of love that!

That’s it from here. Today is dining room and living room deep clean day, plus bonus errands to run/doctors appointments, so I’d better get to it!

4 thoughts on “Finally

  1. So glad you are getting the vacation you planned. ๐Ÿ˜‰ and that all the girls are fine.

    The shawl is great! You have been slamming things out lately! I am sure the sweater will look great. Maybe Miss Bโ€™s friends all could use blue hats?

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