Just a Small Thing

In an effort to remove yarn from my stash, particularly yarn that isn’t accounted for on Ravelry, I decided to knit a little Sweet Baby Cap. I knit it in the size for a 1-year-old, but don’t have a baby to demo it on, so it looks a bit flat.


I really enjoyed this knit! And I’d absolutely knit it again. If I can get a photo of the cap on a baby, I’ll share it. It looks sweet and warm and the gradient yarn is interesting. This brings me to 70% of my yearly knitting goal. The quick knit was very helpful!

My vacation has been going pretty well. I’ve been accomplishing most of my goals. On Thursday I deep cleaned the kitchen. On Friday I deep cleaned the dining room and hallway. On Saturday I spent the day with Mr. Ink, went to visit Miss Marja, and I did my normal weekend chores. On Sunday I deep cleaned the living room. Today is bathrooms, tomorrow our bedroom, and then Wednesday is cooking/baking in prep for Thanksgiving dinner.

There have been lots of other little chores to get done as well, and those are going a little less perfectly. But they’ve been going. Knitting though, that has been getting done. As well as a little bit of spindle spinning! I’ll have to show that off at some point too.

Miss Butterfly spent the weekend with her dad and stepmom. She had a great time with them. And then she arrived home, thrilling the dogs. Rose was so happy her human toy had returned and I took a series of photos to show how they greet each other.

Rose does a snorffling inspection, and then immediately tries to play with her hair. It’s a thing, they do this all the time.

That’s it for today, but I’ve got YET ANOTHER finished object to show off tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Just a Small Thing

  1. Wow, you have been so busy!!! I have one day to surface clean and prep food and call it good. Then I have the rest of the weekend to enjoy family and friends, yea!

    Love the little hat! Hats are great gifts and for getting thongs DONE!

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