Less Small

For today, we’ve got a slightly larger finished object to talk about.


This is the knitter’s DNA shawlette. I ended up taking some liberties with the pattern as I wanted to use up all the purple possible. I ended up with about 6 inches of yarn left. But, the repeat was not complete. I can’t care, I just wanted to keep that color in my life. This brings me to 73% of my yearly goal now.

I’ve got good and bad news. I am working on I See Spring for Miss Butterfly. When last you heard about it, I had run out of yarn. I tried to buy a yarn from destash assuming it matched, without having the ball band on hand. It didn’t match at all. So, one skein added to my stash that I want to knit up before the new year. Then, Miss Butterfly and I decided to peruse Webs yarn site to see if we could find something that would work as a color block. We picked 2 greys and couldn’t decide between them. And we picked another turquoise color hoping it would be correct. We just didn’t want to run into an issue, we figured we’d make SOMETHING work. Again, I thought I threw out the ball bands so I couldn’t actually remember what particular color I needed to purchase. And I was pretty sure I’d purchased the yarn on closeout years ago anyhow.

I went into the basement to wind more yarn only to realize that I hadn’t ever thrown out the ball bands and I had it in my power to figure out what color it was. Actually, I’d made Miss Butterfly wind that yarn, and so it’s no surprise she didn’t clean up after herself. So that’s when I knew that whatever was going to show up in the mail was NOT what I had used for the rest of the sweater. That’s ok, I had grey choices for color blocking.

Then the yarn arrived. And the turquoise color was pretty close to what I was using for the main body of the sweater. Miss Butterfly and I agreed that if we incorporated it in, it would be fine. Miss Butterfly wound the yarn and I got to knitting.

Now, at some point, I had decided it was time to make dinner, so I got up and made dinner. I thought to myself “I wonder what Rose is up to?” but I didn’t follow up since she’s been so good lately! When I had finished dinner, I took a look in the living room to find Rose sleeping nicely on her bed just where I left her. Yay! But then I looked at my chair. She’d gotten into the new ball of yarn and destroyed it.

So, I spent last evening salvaging what I could of the new yarn and trying to incorporate it into the sweater. At least she didn’t destroy the sweater! I am now knitting 2 rows or slightly less and then adding the next tiny ball of yarn. I am GOING to get this done! I have one final ball of yarn that’s a bit larger than the rest for the bind off since no one wants to add a new ball of yarn during a bind off. I am more than halfway done with the bottom band. Cross your fingers!

And now I have 2 greys and a tealish color to knit into something before the end of the year so that it doesn’t have to go in stash and be counted for next year’s goals. I will have to do some pattern hunting soon. But first, FINISH I See Spring so Miss Butterfly can wear it and I can get another project in before the end of the year!

But, before all that, I need to go run errands and get some cleaning done. Then it’s relax and knit time!