Happy to Report

I am happy to report that Miss Butterfly’s I See Spring sweater is complete! Toward the end there I was doing one round then adding a new scrap then the next round. Plus, I wasn’t even able to do all 22 garter stitch rows, but what I have will have to do. There were a LOT of ends to weave in! But, it’s done and blocking and I am looking forward to her trying it on and maybe even getting a photo shoot in today.

It’s a day of cooking for Miss Butterfly and me. She’s decided that we will make breakfast today, and then we’ve got Thanksgiving prep going on. Our guests arrive later this afternoon and the home will be VERY loud from that point onward. Though they are staying at a hotel downtown so we will get early mornings of quiet. Their plan is to leave on Saturday so it’s a nice long chunk of time to visit.

Over the weekend when I was struggling to figure out what project to start next I pulled out some fiber. I figured a little bit of support spindle spinning couldn’t hurt while I contemplated my project choices!


These are some of my own batts created on my drum carder. This set has a smaller amount of green batts that go with them, so I am working on this section first and will move on to the green later. I do not anticipate these being done anywhere near now. This can wait for the new year. But, I just needed a knitting break, a moment to regroup, and this provided that for me.

Miss Butterfly went to a dress fitting for a May quinceanera, as she has been asked to participate. After that, they all went to a movie, so she arrived home a bit late. I had been JUST about ready to head to bed when the dogs turned heel from the bedroom and tore into the living room. I’d been slightly confused, but when I realized Miss Butterfly had come home, I understood. They wanted to greet her and get some booty skritches.


Then we were allowed to go to bed.

And that’s about it from here! Have a great day, enjoy any prep you may be doing if you are celebrating tomorrow, and have a lovely holiday!

4 thoughts on “Happy to Report

  1. Love the spinning. The picture of the dogs and Miss Butterfly is just so precious. They really love her. Thanks posting that picture and making me smile.

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