Pre Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving

Hi all! We had such a nice holiday, and I really hope you did as well. When last we talked, I had left off to do a little cleaning before company arrived on Wednesday. Our company arrived at 4 pm, kicking off our holiday in a lovely way. We’d split up dinner between 3 people cooking (and everyone else helping) so everything felt very manageable. On Wednesday, before company arrived, Miss Butterfly and I had made 4 pies, a fancy cranberry jello salad, and I’d mixed dough for homemade bread on Thanksgiving day.


Miss Butterfly also took some snuggle time with the dogs that morning, being that it was her day off.


Miss Lizzie acted quite bored all morning since we weren’t paying her any attention at all, but what she didn’t know is that everyone arriving on Wednesday are dog lovers and she was going to have more attention than she knew what to do with shortly.

Sure enough, the dogs got ALL the attention when the east coast family arrived (and one from california) and Miss Rose, despite her fear, quickly warmed up.


There were many selfies with dogs taken, and much was made of our dogs, which is just how it should be.

Thanksgiving morning I woke up early as usual. East coast family, knowing exactly what I like more than anything, had brought me the gift of cannolis and I enjoyed that with my coffee and quiet.


I also lost at yarn chicken, which begs the question, is it yarn turkey if it happens on thanksgiving day?


Yep, that’s a project you haven’t seen yet, but it’s close to being finished so you’ll have to wait.

Once our visitors were around, we headed to the dog park with the dogs, as Rose is just too much fun to watch, and would certainly deal better with a house full of strangers if she had the chance to burn off her energy.

After that, we got back home and began cooking while snacking on appetizers of bread/cheese/crackers/nuts.

With local family included, we ended up with a total of 11 people and 3 dogs in the house. It was also an extremely lovely day, and we were able to have a firepit outside, which helps when the house is full of people. Once dinner was cleaned up and it got too cold for the firepit, we headed back in for games.


We started out with farkle and then moved on to munchkin since some of the “kids” wanted to learn. (The only actual kid is Miss Butterfly, and it’s lovely to have a Thanksgiving with grown-up kids, as they are extremely helpful.)

I taught munchkin while they played, and they got a great giggle out of calling me their dungeon master, as they felt this was an extremely out of character role for me.

The 3 dogs settled in as well but were quite exhausted by the end of the night.


Rose could barely keep her head up and eyes open at this point. And since the guest dog had taken her bed, she wasn’t sure what to do with all this.

It was 11:30 by the time everyone left, and the dogs kept running to the bedroom door in hopes they could go to sleep now. Here they are waiting for company to finally give all their hugs and walk out the door.


I’ll post more about after Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow. Our company officially leaves by noon today. Probably a good thing too because we have a storm rolling in this evening and I am hoping to be well and truly snowed in tomorrow. I’ve got a ham bone and am ready to make black bean soup for a snowy day. Pair that with ALL the leftovers and we are going to be in great shape for staying in!