Post Thanksgiving Visiting

Our guests were in town until Saturday, so of course, on Friday and Saturday, we had continuing visits. Mr. Ink, unfortunately, had to work on both days. But Miss Butterfly and I were free. Friday morning we’d agreed to go downtown to swim at the hotel. We all felt a little silly when we got all dressed in our swim gear, went down to where the pool was 3 years ago, and realized they’d taken out the pool! We never imagined that might be the case. So, instead we went shopping in the little shops in the downtown area. Then we met the rest of the family at a brewery, waited for them to finish their drinks, and then went to have some of the best pizza I’ve ever tasted.

While at the brewery, with Miss Butterfly wearing her new sweater, I looked over and realized the lighting was beautiful in there and the decor was also lovely, so I insisted I get a few shots of the sweater. She was less than pleased about this as she hadn’t washed her hair or done her face because we’d thought we were going swimming. But she did indulge me where I got this lovely modeled shot of the sweater completion.


She has decided the nice long sleeves are her absolute favorite part of the sweater. And I’d say that the darker yarn at the bottom almost looks planned. So all in all, we are both quite happy with the end result.

After pizza, we had all decided to part ways before getting back together for dinner. Everyone wanted a nap! But, when I arrived home, Mr. Ink had just walked in the door early and he was eager to take advantage of being home while the sun was still shining.

So, we put the dogs in the car and walked them around a lake, and I got lovely pictures of the sunset.

I did still get a short nap in before dinner. I didn’t take any photos of dinner because we went to a rather famous place where diners can watch raccoons come to the windows but it was actually quite a dive, smelled terrible, and I found the throwing of all the chicken scraps outside to get the raccoons to eat at the windows rather distasteful. So, I decided I didn’t want photographic evidence of the experience.

Saturday morning started quietly, then the fam came over for their last visit before they had to leave. One more game was had, more chatting was done, coffee was consumed, and then it was over!

All in all a strangely successful holiday and visit. The difficult players behaved themselves beautifully and as such, we all had a wonderful time. The remainder of yesterday was spent running errands so that we could have today as a quiet day. Overnight it rained, then iced, then snowed. We are supposed to have snow for a while now. The roads are quiet and the house has that snow insulated feel as well as the warmth of knowing that no one need go anywhere at all today. We are officially tucked in for the weather and quite pleased about it.

I hope you had a lovely holiday if you celebrated. Otherwise, I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

4 thoughts on “Post Thanksgiving Visiting

  1. Sounds like a good weekend, except the missing pool! Who does that???

    The sweater is beautiful, as is Miss Butterfly. Good job making that color change come out so well! Hope you enjoyed your quiet day… we get that weather for Tuesday, unfortunately.

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