What Next?

I’ve got a knit blocking and I wasn’t sure what to knit next, even though I knew I needed to use up the yarns I had purchased for Miss Butterfly’s sweater.

So, this weekend I settled in to find the next project, plugging in the yarn weight and “3 color”  and yardage into Rav to see what I could come up with.

I came up with the 3 color brioche scarf. Which looked just lovely! And I decided that’s what I would knit.

I am not going to lie, it’s kind of boring. But, boring can be good. And the fabric I am creating looks great! Even the back side looks fantastic.


Isn’t that just fantastic? I am in love with the fabric, but I am also picturing pairing a slowly transitioning colored handspun with some solids to get a particularly interesting result!


An update on the rest of vacation. Once family left on Saturday, I took Rose to the dog park. There were a ton of testy dogs there. Even when she could get one to run with her, she had her hackles up because they were feeling a little off. I’ll have to keep that in mind for the future. Dogs that probably had their routines upset and strangers in their homes might feel testy with my dog, and those weekends extra care must be taken. I am glad I left Lizzie at home. Anyhow, Rose got a good amount of running done, and then fell fast asleep when we returned. Isn’t she the cutest little solid ball of muscle?

In fact, that exhaustion mimicked our own really, I think after so much company and routine upset in our own home we were all really feeling it. Rose was very low key yesterday and no one wanted to go anywhere at all. In fact, even when she did want to play or chew, she sort of would fall asleep while doing it.


I am not sure anyone was particularly ready to get up and go to work today, but we managed it. Back to a routine!