Pan that Palette Update 1

At the beginning of October I decided to pan my tarte be a mermaid and make waves palette. This was after the epic fail of panning the clinique palette which I then destructed for my own purposes.

Here it is when I started:


I’ve reconsidered this endeavor multiple times during this month, but always stuck it out. What I’ve been doing is wearing this palette every other day. Does this mean I get to really indulge in a ton of other palettes? Not really, but it does take the edge off. I do get to use them. After all, there’s no huge rush to pan this one, it’s not even a year old yet.

I’ve found myself most effective when I pick a particular look and really try to pan that look in particular. The look I am most likely to create is shore thing as a transition, shipwreck in the crease, fin-tastic all over the lid with salt water popped on the middle of the lid to add some brightness and dimension to the eyelid. Often times I’ll add the darkest turquoise color, lagoon, in there as an eyeliner.


So, I’ve increased the pan on sandbar, hit pan on shore thing, and today I began looking for other mattes in my collection to use with this palette as clearly, I won’t be able to stick with these for the duration of the panning of this palette. I’ve also got a decent dip going on salt water, even though it’s not going to see pan any time soon. I’ll keep going with panning that “look” until I am sick of it and then try to find a new look to work on.

All in all, despite thinking that maybe I didn’t want to pan this after all, I am rolling into a month and a half of use pretty pleased with myself. I am going to continue, and I am still really enjoying it. Are there other eyeshadows in my collection that I don’t get to as often as I’d like? Yep, but at this point, I am balancing that with enjoying getting use out of my very first “precious” palette.

I promise I’ll try to clean this thing up a bit before the next photo session!

4 thoughts on “Pan that Palette Update 1

    • Nicely done! In the end, a lot of the shades in both palettes are rather similar, and I agree with you that a lot of reds can really make one look sickly. I am using quite a lot of nude eyeliner on my water line right now. (I read your 5/5 post on the palette too.)

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