Yarn Turkey

You may remember that on Thanksgiving Day I played yarn chicken and lost, which led me to wonder if this would then be called yarn Turkey.


This pretty little scarf is called Knit Night, and honestly, it’s just a lovely and easy to work pattern. I would knit this again in a heartbeat. In fact, I absolutely KNOW that I will. Soon.

But, back to the yarn “turkey.” There are various ways of finishing this scarf, be that a picot bind off, a regular bind off, and various ways of knitting the final border. I’d chosen one way, but ended up with not quite enough yarn to finish the bind off. I stopped, I regrouped, I decided to do the border as I had, but a different bind off. I pulled out the appropriate number of rows back to accommodate the yarn needed for this. And then:


That’s YET ANOTHER yarn turkey moment. Those picot bind offs take FAR more yarn that one might expect. So, I pulled that back and went with a regular bind off. Which I was then left with a fairly sizable amount of leftover yarn. But not ENOUGH enough, obviously.

Anyhow, in the end, I have a lovely LONG scarf. Did I mention that this yarn is handspun from Miss Marja? It’s a colorway I fell absolutely in love with.


For good reason, right? It’s stunning.

In other news, we woke up yesterday morning to Lizzie not being able to keep one eye open. Her eye was red and irritated and she was CLEARLY miserable. I called the vet before I left for work and found out they were going to be able to get her in by 9:20 that morning. So thankful for their quick response, I was totally heading to urgent care with her if they couldn’t fit her in. Turns out, this time she’s got a corneal ulcer. They cared for her so quickly and so expertly that I was quite surprised but extremely relieved. She was given every possible way of managing her pain. We go back in a week to make sure she’s healing properly. Between that and on Tuesday losing the use of my work computer for all but 2 hours of my work day, it’s been an interesting week! Certainly not one where I’d been able to do all the catch up I had needed to do upon returning from a nice long vacation.

And that’s about it from here! I hope your world is slightly less chaotic, but it is the season for that, right?

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