Less Small

For today, we’ve got a slightly larger finished object to talk about.


This is the knitter’s DNA shawlette. I ended up taking some liberties with the pattern as I wanted to use up all the purple possible. I ended up with about 6 inches of yarn left. But, the repeat was not complete. I can’t care, I just wanted to keep that color in my life. This brings me to 73% of my yearly goal now.

I’ve got good and bad news. I am working on I See Spring for Miss Butterfly. When last you heard about it, I had run out of yarn. I tried to buy a yarn from destash assuming it matched, without having the ball band on hand. It didn’t match at all. So, one skein added to my stash that I want to knit up before the new year. Then, Miss Butterfly and I decided to peruse Webs yarn site to see if we could find something that would work as a color block. We picked 2 greys and couldn’t decide between them. And we picked another turquoise color hoping it would be correct. We just didn’t want to run into an issue, we figured we’d make SOMETHING work. Again, I thought I threw out the ball bands so I couldn’t actually remember what particular color I needed to purchase. And I was pretty sure I’d purchased the yarn on closeout years ago anyhow.

I went into the basement to wind more yarn only to realize that I hadn’t ever thrown out the ball bands and I had it in my power to figure out what color it was. Actually, I’d made Miss Butterfly wind that yarn, and so it’s no surprise she didn’t clean up after herself. So that’s when I knew that whatever was going to show up in the mail was NOT what I had used for the rest of the sweater. That’s ok, I had grey choices for color blocking.

Then the yarn arrived. And the turquoise color was pretty close to what I was using for the main body of the sweater. Miss Butterfly and I agreed that if we incorporated it in, it would be fine. Miss Butterfly wound the yarn and I got to knitting.

Now, at some point, I had decided it was time to make dinner, so I got up and made dinner. I thought to myself “I wonder what Rose is up to?” but I didn’t follow up since she’s been so good lately! When I had finished dinner, I took a look in the living room to find Rose sleeping nicely on her bed just where I left her. Yay! But then I looked at my chair. She’d gotten into the new ball of yarn and destroyed it.

So, I spent last evening salvaging what I could of the new yarn and trying to incorporate it into the sweater. At least she didn’t destroy the sweater! I am now knitting 2 rows or slightly less and then adding the next tiny ball of yarn. I am GOING to get this done! I have one final ball of yarn that’s a bit larger than the rest for the bind off since no one wants to add a new ball of yarn during a bind off. I am more than halfway done with the bottom band. Cross your fingers!

And now I have 2 greys and a tealish color to knit into something before the end of the year so that it doesn’t have to go in stash and be counted for next year’s goals. I will have to do some pattern hunting soon. But first, FINISH I See Spring so Miss Butterfly can wear it and I can get another project in before the end of the year!

But, before all that, I need to go run errands and get some cleaning done. Then it’s relax and knit time!

Just a Small Thing

In an effort to remove yarn from my stash, particularly yarn that isn’t accounted for on Ravelry, I decided to knit a little Sweet Baby Cap. I knit it in the size for a 1-year-old, but don’t have a baby to demo it on, so it looks a bit flat.


I really enjoyed this knit! And I’d absolutely knit it again. If I can get a photo of the cap on a baby, I’ll share it. It looks sweet and warm and the gradient yarn is interesting. This brings me to 70% of my yearly knitting goal. The quick knit was very helpful!

My vacation has been going pretty well. I’ve been accomplishing most of my goals. On Thursday I deep cleaned the kitchen. On Friday I deep cleaned the dining room and hallway. On Saturday I spent the day with Mr. Ink, went to visit Miss Marja, and I did my normal weekend chores. On Sunday I deep cleaned the living room. Today is bathrooms, tomorrow our bedroom, and then Wednesday is cooking/baking in prep for Thanksgiving dinner.

There have been lots of other little chores to get done as well, and those are going a little less perfectly. But they’ve been going. Knitting though, that has been getting done. As well as a little bit of spindle spinning! I’ll have to show that off at some point too.

Miss Butterfly spent the weekend with her dad and stepmom. She had a great time with them. And then she arrived home, thrilling the dogs. Rose was so happy her human toy had returned and I took a series of photos to show how they greet each other.

Rose does a snorffling inspection, and then immediately tries to play with her hair. It’s a thing, they do this all the time.

That’s it for today, but I’ve got YET ANOTHER finished object to show off tomorrow!


I am finally getting around to posting the Close To You shawlette. This was one really pleasant knit, and one I’d knit again in a heartbeat if I felt I had the perfect yarn for it.

I love the handspun colors as well, the original fiber was from Dyeabolical yarns.

This brings me to 68% of my yearly goal of 40 projects. I am not there yet, but getting closer.

I have bad news about Miss Butterfly’s sweater. I got yarn I thought was correct through destash, but it wasn’t the right color. So, we went to a commercial retailer and got a couple of skeins, one of which might match, and the other two which we can use as a color for the bottom band and the sleeve bands. And then? I’ll have like 3 leftover colors I have to figure out what to do with adding to my stash! Ack! It’s ok though, I really do want to finish up that sweater for Miss Butterfly this year.

On the dog front, both dogs are back to normal mostly. Rose is FINE, and Lizzie’s eyes are still a bit runny but she’s not coughing and hacking up a lung. We’ve had a nice hard freeze and she’s much better for it. In fact, she’s been pretty funny. Now that her nose is working, she spends a lot of time sniffing around the house, as if all the household smells are brand new again. Can’t say I blame her, when my nose starts working after a cold, I feel quite amazed by it.


Rose decided to play fashion designer while in her kennel one day, getting hold of one of Mr. Ink’s shirts and making it a bit more avant garde. She’s certainly still a puppy, and each time these things happen I do notice that no one has seen fit to add something to chew on to her kennel. It’s the price Mr. Ink pays for not adding something to DO.


But all in all, we are seeing way less bad behavior with this gal, despite the fact she’s on the couch here. She’s on the couch because sometimes Lizzie gets on the couch, and she thinks she has to do what Lizzie does. But, what we aren’t seeing is shoe chewing, sock chewing, knitting project chewing, blanket destroying, etc. It’s great to be able to walk out of a room and realize that I won’t walk back in to a disaster. It frees up my time a bit as well, I can get more done around the house without having to be checking in on her constantly.

And with that, we are seeing more good and sweet behavior. We get to enjoy all the hound snuffles and sweet kisses and cuddles from the sweetest and quietest hound dog you ever did meet!

This is day 2 of vacation. I got the deep cleaning of the kitchen done, including removing everything from drawers and cupboards and wiping them down. What a chore! But it looks so nice and clean now! Miss Butterfly had a few friends over for a firepit last evening as the weather was more pleasant than it has been. They were friends I hadn’t met yet, but are very nice young ladies. Miss Butterfly has a very severe low tolerance for drama (though like her mother, she loves to watch it from the sidelines) so she’s set herself up with a group of friends in HS that keep their drama to a minimum. I kind of love that!

That’s it from here. Today is dining room and living room deep clean day, plus bonus errands to run/doctors appointments, so I’d better get to it!

Giving Back

Guess what? Our dogs are finally on the mend. As you may remember, Rose’s digestive system took a real upsetting turn for a while, and we’ve been working on getting her back on track. Now that she’s mostly back on track, we are able to identify a few culprits. The puppy food was one, and she’s now on an all life stages food mixed with her special bland diet. We are working on getting her off the bland diet, but it may be the case that we’ll have to keep some of that around for her now, for when things go south. We were able to get her remaining puppy food donated to the rescue, and they were thrilled to have it.

We have also identified that Rose cannot have peanut butter. This is really sad because she very much loves to chew, and giving her a heavy-duty kong filled with her kibble and peanut butter and then frozen kept her occupied for very large amounts of time. I am going to try using yogurt to replace the peanut butter to see if that’ll be something her stomach can handle.

There will be no table scraps for this gal either, unfortunately. Lizzie of the iron stomach hasn’t had any issues in that respect but we are noticing that even fish bothers Rose, and throws her off.

So, we have to stay more strict with her diet, and then we get a dog that is happy. Here are some happy Rose photos.

These are tough to get because she’s generally moving quite fast when she’s looking particularly happy. That hound droopy face doesn’t lend itself well to happy looking photos.

Then there’s Lizzie, diagnosed with severe seasonal allergies. I’ve determined that it’s most likely the fall leaves or maybe the mold in the fall leaves that trigger her allergies. Now that we’ve got a good freeze going on, her allergies are starting to slow down, as is the coughing and sneezing associated with it. She’s not 100% and her eyes still need treatment, but she is doing MUCH better.


All that benadryl has her snoozing quite a lot. Since we are trying to avoid a ton of outside in the leaves time, I’ve been taking her everywhere I go in the car. This helps her boredom somewhat. But, she did get a walk yesterday in the cold and she was just thrilled to pieces to be out and about again!

Rose, lately, has decided that if Lizzie can hop up on my lap, she should be able to as well. Now, there’s a huge difference between a 27-pound dog and a 44-pound dog hopping up on laps. And they definitely cannot sit there together, much to Rose’s chagrin.


Here she’s quite annoyed because she thought she could join, and it didn’t work.

So, then she started to hop up on my lap before Lizzie could.


That’s what she’s done here. Trouble is, she can’t quite figure out what to do with herself once she gets on my lap. Sometimes she tries to put her butt on my shoulder, but naturally, that’s not too comfortable. Then she’ll wriggle all around trying to be comfy but never quite figuring it out, then will hop back on her bed having given up. She doesn’t understand that if she just lays down, she’d have exactly what she wants. She’ll get there though, she’ll get it figured out.

Rose is definitely settling in and growing up lately. It’s really really rare now that we have to tell her not to bite or shred something of ours. My slippers sit nicely on the floor near the door and she doesn’t touch them anymore. Just over 2 months in our home and she’s already become quite well adjusted. I am impressed.

Now, as you can tell, I adore our dogs. They are absolutely part of our family and we treat them as such. We feel SOOOO grateful to their rescue for saving them and allowing us the opportunity to adopt them. I’ve been getting more and more involved in the rescue lately. Since Mr. Ink doesn’t love the idea of fostering dogs, I feel the need to find other ways to help out. Miss Butterfly and I took the opportunity to help out with a meet and greet this weekend. You see, the rescue has a TON of puppies right now. Young puppies go in a pack and play during the meet and greet, but older puppies ready to be adopted have to be out and ready to meet. Naturally, one foster parent cannot handle the 5-8 puppies that might all be available. So, Miss Butterfly and I went and held puppies for the rescue.

It was fabulous! A ton of fun. The best part? We’d been talking to a family with 4 little girls all under the age of 8 who were looking for a puppy. They were such a nice family. They already had 2 dogs who are elderly and in failing health so they were looking to get a puppy for the kids. I knew whichever puppy went to them would be so loved. They had a hard time choosing but ended up with the biggest and most outgoing of the puppies we were holding. We volunteered on Saturday, and their adoption went through on Sunday! I was so happy! That puppy will have so much love in their home and so much attention from all 4 little girls who were incredibly gentle with all the dogs they met that day.

This is how I helped this past weekend. Who knows what next weekend will bring. I am itching to do a transport job, a road trip to bring puppies/dogs up from the south into our foster homes here. I got to ask for more details about that while we were at the meet and greet, and now that I know that I provide the vehicle and drive, while they pay for gas and provide the kennels, I know it’s something I could do. I just have to wait for the opportunity to present itself.

And that, I suppose, is your weekly dog update!

Rolling through the FOs

I just keep those finished objects rolling off my needles! Maybe I can hit that 40 finished objects still! (I highly doubt it, but I am still shooting for the stars.)

I finished this ziggity zaggity scarf. It curls like I thought it would. But it’s still pretty. It’s short, which I hadn’t imagined. But it’s wearable. Just not the super large item I generally like in a scarf.

I am glad I got to use the handspun yarn though, it’s always pleasing to see how handspun knits up.

I have also finished the Close to You shawl that I showed off the start of last week, but I am still waiting on that one to finish drying. It was an extremely pleasant knit, and again, the handspun looks so pretty. I can’t wait to show it to you!

So, I began another project. In an effort to reduce my yarn stash entries on Ravelry to under 100 next year and keep them there, I am trying to knit up the stash that hasn’t been indicated on Ravelry yet. I began a Knitters DNA shawlette with a gradient yarn, and then I plan to work up a hat for a favorite 1-year-old in my life. I think that’ll cover the yarn that isn’t actually listed in my stash, plus the hat will be a fast knit adding to that ever so hopeful total of 40 projects this year.

And you may remember I am just a bottom band away from a sweater for Miss Butterfly and waiting on the yarn to arrive. I anticipate that’ll arrive this week. I am really hoping for a good color match so I can whip that project off the needles and get it photographed.

The great news is that I have a vacation beginning this week! That’s right, I am taking even longer off than I generally do for Thanksgiving. Here’s the thing, I was unable to take the amount off after the conference that I typically do and I’ve been running on empty (but catching up a bit) ever since. We are having company for Thanksgiving, and while that’ll be pleasant, it will NOT be restful. Plus, the house is at odds with how I enjoy it since the busy nature of my summer/autumn hasn’t left me with a ton of time for deep cleaning. That’s what I’ll be doing starting on Thursday. Deep cleaning, beginning with the areas that are “public” in our home. So, I just have to make it through Wednesday and then I’ll be happily staying home and cleaning the house, and sometimes running errands that have also been neglected during the nuttiness of this year. I bet the dogs are going to LOVE it!

That’s it from here today. Tomorrow, stay tuned for a dog-oriented post with pictures of…puppies!

Another new start

The knitting has absolutely been high on my list of things to do now that the weather has cooled. I started another project!


This is the same yarn that Rose got into and tried to destroy, but I was able to salvage. The pattern is called Close To You and I first discovered it while reading through my blog reader. NothingButKnit was making one and the combo of pattern and colorful yarn made me so excited to get started on one of my own!

I can’t say I’ve been disappointed. It’s a great pattern and also free! It only took me a repeat to “get the point” and I was able to knit away without a pattern from that point forward. This has been perfect knitting for me this week. Just plug away at something easy every time I get an opportunity to sit down and enjoy it.


I’ve been working on a sweater for Miss Butterfly. I thought I had enough yarn. But, just in case, I decided to knit the arms before finishing the body of the sweater. I knit those sleeves over the weekend and began the body of the sweater using the final ball of yarn minus whatever small amount went into the second sleeve. What I then misjudged badly was the short rows that make the back of the sweater longer than the front. Lovely short rows which really make the sweater a nice piece, but do eat a lot of extra yarn.


I ran out of yarn. I ran out of yarn at the point which I should be making the bottom hem.

I checked out Ravelry, found someone with one skein left of the same color, and contacted her. I am hoping that I’ll be able to get a final final skein to finish up the hem. I am waiting to hear back at the moment. Miss Butterfly came home from a visit with her father and said: “OH WAIT, IS IT DONE?!?!!” I was so sad to have to give her the news that it was not.

But, she understands and doesn’t really want me to skimp on length either. Now we wait! I’ve identified at least one other person with the yarn on their trade/sell page, but that person has 5 skeins and I do NOT want another 5 skeins!

Should be a pretty cute modeling photo once this thing is complete though, I am crossing my fingers it’ll be fairly soon.