Rolling 10 Pan Finale

In my 3rd update post, I had made some pretty good progress in the 3 months I’d been working on my rolling 10 pan project. This past month hasn’t been quite so dramatic and I blame the NYX advent calendar. I mean, I really was trying to use the makeup associated with that rather than the makeup associated with my project, and as such, I just didn’t spend as much time using up items from this project.

Here’s the photos from last month:

Here’s the list from last month:


  • ¬†Foundations
    1. Hourglass vanish stick
  • Concealers
    1. Maybelline age rewind
  • Blush
    1. Tarte Paaarty
  • Highlighter
    1. Frankenhighlighter
  • Perfume
    1. Gucci Eau de parfum II (Get halfway through this product)
  • ¬†Powder
    1. Clinique setting powder
  • Eyeshadow
    1. One pan of clinique eyeshadow.
  • Miscellaneous items
    1. Laura Mercier stick eyeshadow
  • Body Care
    1. Mary Kay Satin Hands

And my finale photo:


I made a bit of progress on the satin hands kit. The hand softener is actually lower than that lowest line, it’s so far gone that I can’t mark it. The exfoliating product is getting used up quite a bit more slowly than the other 2 products in that kit.

I hit my goal on the tarte blush. I hit pan and promptly quit using the blush. It’s a great nude blush and I think it’s one I’ll finish panning at some point in the future, but that time is not now.

The clinique setting powder I am fairly impressed with my progress. To be honest I experimented with a different setting powder quite a lot during December and I didn’t really expect to see too much progress. There it is anyhow!

The hourglass Vanish Stick foundation, I managed to make about the same progress as last month. I just need to keep after it.

The maybelline age rewind concealer I am still working through. I really thought I’d be done by now! But clearly it contains more than I expected.

I fully finished the Laura Mercier caviar stick eyeshadow. I used this both on its own and as a base for eyeshadow. I won’t buy another, there’s a sticky feeling to wearing this product that I am not impressed with. But I am glad to have gotten use out of it.

Beside that are two tiny pans. One is an empty highlighter pan. This was my frankenhighlighter. I started with a total of 3 pans and now I am down to two. I still like it quite a lot, so it’s not really a challenge to use it. Then I have more pan on the powder I am using as a powder to set my eyeshadow base. I think I am going to go for corner pan on that next.

And finally, there’s the gucci perfume. I wanted to get halfway done, and I am not quite halfway. But progress was made. I might give this to Miss Butterfly now. It still smells nice but it doesn’t smell like I want it to smell. I have tons of samples I’d like to use up next and then I’d like to get myself something I am really eager to wear. I have something in mind and if those samples don’t change anything, I’ll probably wait for a fragrance sale and go for it.

The reason I am making this post a finale is that the Beauty News women on youtube are running a year-long full face project pan I’d like to participate in. I’ll post the intro soon and tell you a bit more about it. It’s called teamprojectpan. So in addition to pan that palette which will continue to be my tarte be a mermaid palette I’ll be doing the teamprojectpan as well.

That’s it from here! I really enjoyed doing a rolling 10 pan and can absolutely imagine doing so again in the future. But, for now, the new project will take up all my time.

So, the items I officially finished or hit my goal on in the last 4 months, all of these items completely gone:

  1. Wet n Wild contour palette
  2. Becca Undereye Primer
  3. DevaCurl shampoo
  4. Laura Mercier Caviar stick
  5. Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation
  6. Maybelline matte lipstick
  7. Trader Joe’s cleanser

I also made the decision to declutter the Jonteblu charcoal color eyeliner that wasn’t working for me at all. It was dry and not very pigmented at all, and I decided it didn’t need to be in my stash. So, in the past 4 months 8 items left my collection, an average of 2 per month. (8 items left my collection through the project pan specifically, my empties show the bigger picture of what leaves my collection regularly.)

Stay tuned for new goals in the upcoming year as well, there’s a lot to be excited about in 2019!


Some Knitting Drama

For my birthday earlier this month, Miss Marja gave me some handspun yarn. I didn’t want to add it to my stash, so I decided to pick a pattern and knit it immediately. I chose the Nara scarf from my “The Knitter’s Book of Wool.” I’ve been wanting to make that scarf for a while and the handspun really seemed appropriate.

I got about 3/4 of the thing knit but then realized that the double knit edges, even with keeping the yarn extra loose, just seemed like they were pulling on the scarf and I didn’t trust it to lay flat. I began considering frogging the entire thing.

Before I could do so though, a young, very sweet dog decided to help me make the decision.


This is my young, very sweet dog who decided that bamboo needles were sticks and must be destroyed. She did NOT, for the record, destroy the scarf this time! PROGRESS!

But, I decided that was as good an excuse as any to rip the entire thing out and go back to a simple garter stitch border. Now, I will tell you this, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and in this case, I am the old dog. I left my knitting on the couch again and Rose destroyed the needles on the revamped scarf too!

Never one to be low on needles I just pulled out a pair of METAL needles rather than wooden, and got back to business.


Turned out to be a rather pretty little scarf! I really like it. I’d even knit this pattern again, as long as I keep my modifications.

So, that brought me to 95% of my yearly goal. Then I decided I was really going to go all in on almost achieving that goal. I started a pair of socks ages ago at work. I had one sock done except for the heel and toe. I figured why not bring them home and see if I can finish them up as well?


And I did! So that brings me to 98% of my goal and that’s where it is going to end. 39 out of the hoped-for 40 projects this year.

Now on to talking about knitting goals for next year. As it was, I had cleared my stash out, bringing my yarn stash down to 115 entries. But! I went to see Miss Marja yesterday and she had me choose some yarns. I came home with 14 new yarns. That brings me ALL the way back up to 129 yarns. And I haven’t even got the motivation to photograph and enter these 14 yarns in my stash! So it may be that I just knit them up immediately. We’ll see. But for real, I am so grateful for a lovely source of gorgeous handspun yarn to play with. There’s something special about enjoying knitting someone else’s handspun. I loved knitting the Nara scarf and I have Ideas about some of the yarn I brought home yesterday.


The stash is stuffed full again, with very little space for more yarn. I’d had it fairly well cleaned out! I may have to try some rearranging again to see what space I can make.

And that’s it from here, the final wrap up knitting post of 2018. Another strong year despite expanding my hobbies once again.

Higher-End Makeup Discoveries I am Loving

Today we are discussing the higher-end makeup discoveries of 2018 that I truly fell in love with this year. Now, keep in mind, I didn’t wear or care about makeup before 2018 so some of these items may have been around for quite a while, I don’t know, but I just discovered and loved them this year. I’ll also add that I did not pick out any eyeshadow despite the fact that I have definitely loved eyeshadow this year. I chose not to because I think I am going to do a palette ranking post in the upcoming days.


I am starting off with skincare/haircare type things. First of all, skincare was a big deal for me this year. Beginning a skin care routine after years of fun in the sun and wind with exactly zero care for my face was absolutely important. Getting a skincare routine in place completely changed how I believed my skin was (dry) and also completely changed how makeup performed on my skin. After a couple of months of good skincare, I realized that my skin wasn’t dry, it’s pretty normal to oily in the t-zone. It was just massively dehydrated.

All that being said, I tried some higher-end skin care and ended up really settling on the Belif moisturizing eye bomb and the aqua bomb. The aqua bomb is a moisturizer with a gel texture that keeps me from feeling too oily and the eye bomb was the one thing this year that I feel consistently made my eye area look significantly improved. I tried many other items, so I am going to mention my runner-ups too. First Aid Beauty was a great runner-up and I am still working my way through some of that. The other one I liked a lot was Farmacy Honey Drop lightweight moisturizer. But, since I have the Belif, I don’t need to purchase.

For my hair, the real amazing stand out product is the Moroccan Oil dry texture spray. I love this! Now that my hair is long I don’t bother to wash it daily. So after a bit, it tends to fall flat. A little bit of this texture spray lifts the roots right back up and makes it look quite good. I’ve experimented with lots of texturizing or beach spray products and nothing has performed as well as this one.

The Laneige lip sleeping mask and the Bite Beauty lip sleeping masks have been amazing. In fact, the other night I was thinking “I don’t think these work as well as they used to.” and then realized that the reason I felt that way was that I wasn’t having any trouble at all with dry or chapped lips. Like, it doesn’t ever happen anymore. It’s the middle of the winter! But I have zero chapped lips troubles and these products are the reason that’s the case.

And finally, I am really digging the Becca primers. The back light priming filter and the first light priming filter. I think what I am loving the most is that they seem like they sink into the skin so nicely. I’ve got a lot of primers I’ve tried and want to get through but these are ones I’ve tried and will purchase full sizes of when I have gotten through everything else.


Now for some makeup. First up, the Hourglass Illusion skin tint. Now, you can see that container is rather used. I am almost finished with this. And, technically I am not going to repurchase it. But that’s only because I don’t need it right now. When I purchased this, my dehydrated skin wasn’t looking good with any foundation I tried. This changed everything. Now that I have a good routine down, I need it less. But I do still love it completely.

3 lip items I have enjoyed. These are all small sample sizes, I haven’t purchased full sizes of any of these. All these have something in common. They are highly pigmented lip products that are also extremely highly moisturizing cream products. I am learning that this is my favorite type of lip product and I am going to try to stay away from liquid lipsticks in the future. The first is Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo, the second is Bite Beauty amuse bouche lipstick, and the third is Bobbi Brown Crushed lip color.

I have tried many samples of higher end mascara this year and the one that is standing out to me is Lancome Monsieur Big mascara. I really like how this looks on my eyes and I am thrilled that I just received another sample size as a birthday gift from ulta. That’s another few months of not purchasing mascara!

I received the Chella eyebrow cream in a subscription box. I looked it up and found out that it’s quite pricey! So, I am including it in this high-end loves list. I hate the delivery system and gave up completely on the attached brush. I just go in with my own little eyebrow brush and grab product. This’ll likely last me for a good long time yet. And I might consider purchasing it in the future. But probably there are other good products to try first that are lower end.

The Milk makeup gel eyeliner in nude. I am so glad I got this! I use it in my waterline and it goes on so creamy and smooth! I can’t get over this product, and it’s likely to be a mainstay in my collection. I may explore some of the colored ones as well, but not right now.

The Pretty Vulgar powder was a big surprise to me this season. I got this in a subscription box. It is NOT a mattifying powder and in fact, when I use it to set my makeup I do get a bit oily by the end of the day, even in the winter. But it’s just really finely milled and pretty and looks so natural on the face! I can’t get over it. I will use it this winter and probably put it away for a while when the weather warms again and I really need something more mattifying in my life.

Then there’s the Laura Geller baked blush. Another product I received in a subscription box, this blush has such a nice sheen when used on the skin. I adore it! I have plenty of blushes in my collection but was eyeing all of the other colors when I was in the store the other day. I decided not to go for it because I want to get use out of what I already own but I am sooooo happy to have this blush in my collection to use.

Below that is the mac shiny pretty things highlighter I got this season. We use this as an eyeshadow more than a highlighter as it’s quite sparkly. This item is an indulgence. It feels like an indulgence. But I do also use it as a highlighter sometimes just because it’s fun to do and I am so glad I jumped on this and purchased it as we really use it a ton.

And finally the mac paint pot. I really love using this as an eyeshadow primer. I think it works beautifully and I love how it lasts forever. I also love how it cancels out any discoloration on the eyelids so easily.

I’ve got one more stand out product to discuss. It’s the Too Faced natural face palette. Now, at the beginning of the summer, Ulta was having a sale on too faced palettes. They were basically half price. I picked up chocolate gold for Miss Butterfly’s birthday, picked up sweet peach for me, and then the natural face palette was a total impulse buy. I mean, never mind that I’d swatched it and drooled over it in the store every time I went in, I still hadn’t been intending to purchase it. But I did. And I love it.


The packaging is soooooo beautiful. I can wear every single item in this collection. All of it looks good on my face. Except for this, it looks good in the summer. Hah! Or should I say, it looks more natural when I have a bit more color? So, I used this over the summer but was busy panning other things and didn’t use it as much as I’d like. This summer? I am going to use this exclusively. I am going to wear the heck out of this. I mean, if I have such a lovely thing, I should use such a lovely thing.

Yes, I realize that the number of higher-end items I tried this year is much larger than the number of low-end items. I have probably tried more high-end items this year. In the upcoming year I’ll still be trying more items because I have some subscriptions still, but I also intend to cancel them once they are up. I canceled one awhile back, I’ll cancel another this spring, and the final two in the summer. (Probably. There’s one that might stick around, we’ll see once I get to that point.) My intention with the upcoming year is to get more use out of the lovely collection I currently have and to do more project panning.

Anyhow, that’s about it from me. What products have you discovered this year, high or low end, that you’d recommend I give a chance?

Low-End Makeup Discoveries I am Loving

Since I only got interested in makeup this year, basically everything I try feels pretty new. I wanted to do a wrap up 2018 post on the items I fell in love with this year. Today’s post is the low-end products.

Let’s start with non makeup related items:


I don’t remember who I was watching on youtube who mentioned the makeup wipes that could be found at big lots. $2 for 60 wipes. We decided to give them a try. I bought two packages, one for Miss Butterfly and one for me. We think they are fantastic. They work great and don’t break the bank. Plus they have the plastic snap closure that works nicely to keep the wipes fresh. I hate purchasing wipes that just have the sticky cover, it always stops sticking before I am done with the wipes and infuriates me. I actually don’t use makeup remover wipes that often anymore, I got concerned with how much waste they were creating and decided to limit their use in my home. So, this package has lasted me at least 6 months, likely even more.

The Almay eye makeup remover pads for removing waterproof makeup have also been a staple in my collection this year. I used to use two pads, one for each eye, then go in with a makeup remover wipe afterward. Now I am using cleansing balms or just plain coconut oil. If that doesn’t finish removing my eye makeup, I’ll take one of these pads and finish the job. So, the back-ups I purchased of this product are sitting unused in my collection. Reminder-Don’t Buy Back-ups!

Also pictured is the elf lip exfoliator. I have mine in sweet cherry. This is $3, and it works fantastically. I don’t use it every night anymore, as I’ve discovered lip sleeping masks and my lips are in much better condition than they were when I started messing around with makeup, but I do use it regularly. Miss Butterfly purchased Brown Sugar, and a quick word of warning, that went bad on her pretty quickly. But mine I purchased at the same time is just fine. I think I got this back in April and there’s quite a lot of product left to use.

And finally, the Pixi Glow Tonic. I really enjoyed this toner with glycolic acid. I think it went a long way to helping fix some of the damage years of no skincare whatsoever did to my face. I am currently trying a Mario Badescu glycolic acid toner, but I’ll be going right back to this Pixi one as soon as I am through with it. I think I am learning that if I find something that really works it’s fine to just stick with it for heaven’s sake.

Now on to makeup:


First of all, let’s talk extremely inexpensive products, and that goes to AOA studio items! For $1 I can get a number of great products to keep my makeup costs low. Featured here are the AOA Studio BB cream, the perfect setting powder, and the AOA go brow mascara (taupe). Not pictured is the paw paw makeup sponge which is amazing as well. I am really impressed with these items. The bb cream is light coverage and the first time I used it I felt it might be too light. But, once I got my powders and so on applied it looked great on the skin. It’s also fantastic that Miss Butterfly likes it, a teen can afford this product and my teen doesn’t need full coverage. The powder isn’t overly mattifying so if that’s what you need, this might not be the one for you. But, it works well to set makeup and that’s really what I am looking for in the winter. And the brow mascara I’ll be moving toward using exclusively after I finish up the other products in my collection.

Now let’s talk Flower Beauty. I am eager to try more items from this collection, but at the moment I’ve tried the blush and the lipstick. I’ve tried both a cream lipstick and a matte lipstick, I prefer the matte formula. Both of these products perform beautifully and I am so glad to have them in my collection. I plan to try the foundation someday, and I want to try one of the illuminating primers. And of course more blushes! I love blush way too much!

And the other things. First of all, there’s the Wet n Wild photofocus foundation. I suspect this will be a staple in my collection. It’s so inexpensive, looks great on my skin, and it’s super easy to apply. It works quickly and it works well and it sticks around on my skin very nicely. I am almost done with the container I have and I will repurchase. Maybe not immediately, but I will.

Then there’s the maybelline age rewind concealer. This is another one of those things that has a great reputation in general and works very nicely. It’s lighter coverage than I’d prefer but I think that’s part of what makes it look so nice under the eyes.

I’ve added the Physicians Formula butter bronzer as one does. Meaning, this product has so much earned hype on the internet. I’ll tell you what, I HATE the smell of it. When I purchased it I thought I wouldn’t even be able to use it. It stunk up my entire makeup room. I did leave it cracked open a couple of days, and after a while, the smell did begin to dissipate. I barely smell it at all now, and I’ve hit pan! I’ve used other bronzers this year but this one I’ve used most of all. So has Miss Butterfly. So, that’s two people using it very regularly and we’ve got tons of product left to go through. It’s not just a good product but a pretty good investment. (If you can get over the initial smell.)

And finally, L’oreal silkissimee eyeliners. I’ve got 3 but I only put my two favorites in the photo. The black and the teal are just lovely. These stay on the eye so well. Inevitably it’s when I use these liners that I have to go back and use the Almay makeup rounds to finish removing my eye makeup. Ok, I went to check the price on these and realized they’ve been discontinued. Ah well, I still discovered and loved them this year, so this still holds up! I’ll have to give the L’Oreal infallible pro-last waterproof pencil liner a try to see if it works as nicely.

And that’s about it. I’ve had a nice opportunity to try quite a few products this year and these are the low-end items I believe truly stood out to me. I’ll have to look through my collection and find what higher end items I also tried and enjoyed.

NYX Advent Calendar Wrap Up

I wanted to do a quick wrap up post on my experience with the NYX advent calendar. First of all, I really enjoyed it and I’d absolutely do it again next year. In fact, I look forward to it! Secondly, I found that forcing myself to wear colors I wouldn’t typically choose ended up being a great way to think out of my comfort zone. It was good for creativity. Sometimes what I created fell flat for me, but other times I really liked the look and was surprised at how well it came together. I enjoyed the blue and black lipstick days quite a lot even though they weren’t things I’d have ever chosen to wear.

I am going to choose a few of my favorite looks to revisit:

I chose the blue lipstick look even though I wouldn’t ever wear it simply because I did wear it. I wore it out and I wasn’t even nervous, embarrassed, or ashamed of it. Like, once I was out of the house, I owned it and didn’t really find myself caring what anyone thought about it.

Also during this challenge, Mr. Ink ended up really liking the black lipstick. Not even necessarily black lipstick itself, but that’s a point where he decided that dark lipstick suits me and he enjoyed seeing me in it. That’s kinda funny coming from a guy who has repeatedly said he would prefer if I never wore lipstick of any kind!

Now, I just want to highlight the products themselves. Naturally, we received 24 products. 14 of them were lip items. 6 were eyeshadows, 3 were highlighters, and there was one blush. There were 5 lip items that I doubt I’ll wear again:


But, the three on the right I am saving even though I doubt I’ll wear them. Sort of a just in case situation. The nyx slip tease Miss Butterfly wants. So, the only item out of all 24 that is actually leaving my collection is the barbie pink matte lipstick. Miss Butterfly is going to try to see if a friend wants it.


That leaves me with 19 items I will actually actively work into my collection. So, all in all, a pretty good success I think! Though honestly I would have found this to be worth it just for the fun of doing it. The experience. That would have been worth the money I paid. The 19 products that’ll work into my collection is just a nice little bonus.

Now, I suspect an advent calendar like this is designed to get you to try a bunch of items and hopefully find something you like enough to go out and purchase. For me there was only one item in the collection that I’ll be exploring in the full size, and that’s the intense butter gloss. I love the purple one I received, I’ve worn it numerous times since, and I plan to wear it again today. While I go out and look at stores for more intense butter gloss. That item was a huge win. The lip oils are nice too. While I am personally unlikely to purchase them, Miss Butterfly truly loves them and it’s fun to have received two so I can just hand one over to her.

All in all, a great success! Be on the lookout for one or two of those lip items to end up in a project pan next year. And that’s it from me today, it’s time for Miss Butterfly and I to head out shopping together!


Advent Calendar day Christmas Eve

And this draws this project to a close. I can go back to my non selfie taking ways for another 11 months. Unless I find another clever excuse to showcase some makeup in my collection. But for now, let’s just say this is the end.

Today’s eyeshadow is a dark brown matte with a purple undertone. Not mad to have it in my collection, but it would have been really fun if the advent calendar single shadows formed a cohesive look. They do not. Or at least not that I can create.

I used it in the outer corner while using my tarte be a mermaid and make waves palette for the rest of the look. To be honest, this dark brown shade works very well with the mermaid palette, as the palette is missing something dark for the outer corner. I am using a Bobbi Brown crushed lip color with this look, it’s my favorite lip find of the year, though all I have is a tiny sample I received as a sephora bonus.

This look is actually the most “me” look in the entire 24 days. This is how I tend to do my makeup most of the time, and this is how I like to see myself. No matter how creative I get with makeup, this is probably where I am most likely to come back to.

Now on to the next thing, a finished 3 color brioche cowl!


Isn’t that fun? I love all the colors and textures. I had these three yarns as one in my stash, so it’s only one item out of my stash. I am now down to 116 yarns in my stash. And one on the needles, but it never got entered as stash as I just received it for my birthday. We’ll see if I can actually get down to under 100 in 2019. That’s the goal!

A very merry christmas friends! I hope you have a most peaceful holiday.

Advent Calendar day Christmas Eve Eve

It’s day 23. I am ALMOST done. I looked at today’s product and thought “No problem, I got this!” and then proceeded to struggle hard. I thought the shimmery graphite color, applied on my lid with a wet brush, would totally be shimmery enough to carry a lightness to it on the eyelid. Not so!

I paired this with boudoir eyes from Too Faced. When the graphite color wasn’t light enough I used the shimmery pink from another day in the calendar on top of the graphite color in the center of the eyelid. I’d decided to try using a wet brush with the day 1 highlighter to get some lighter shimmer in the inner corner of the eye, but it didn’t go well. What it did do was suggest quite a purple tone, which I had imagined when I first used it. I liked the tone, just not the way I was using the product. So, I decided to use a metallic purple color single shadow from vanessa’s vanity on my inner corner. I like that a lot!

In the end, the look came together quite well. The power of blending and blending and blending some more. I did manage to incorporate quite a few of the advent calendar offerings in this look, so I took a picture of everything I used.

So that’s that, it took a lot longer than I imagined.

Yesterday’s struggle with the visiting dog didn’t improve much. We don’t want him having accidents at the neighbor’s home so we really are trying to keep him with us a lot. But there are struggles. The dogs don’t get along as well as we had hoped and Jasper won’t poo on a leash. We don’t have a fenced yard. So, we are combining using the neighbor’s yard and home as well as keeping him in our home and monitoring the doggy interactions. Now, you might think, what’s the problem with just using the neighbor’s yard? It’s close by, should be no issue, right? Except to get to this next door neighbor’s yard we have to walk about a block. I know that sounds odd, but her home is located in a small condo complex which is separated by a fence with no gate. So, instead of going next door, we have to go out back to the next street, walk up to the other end of the complex, enter the drive, walk back down to our street area, then back over to our next door neighbor’s unit. It’s complicated! We joke that we should put in a gate because Mr. Ink is often over there giving her advice and helping out, but someone would have to pay for that.

Anyhow, we seem to be putting ourselves into a rhythm now, so I got a shot of my 3 color brioche scarf. It is pretty on both sides! Plus, a bonus photo of another tree sock ornament.


I also finished my second 3 color brioche knit, but I made that into a cowl and it’s currently blocking. Now it’s time to start something new. So, if we count the three itty bitty stockings as “a project” I now have knit 90% of my 40 project goal. It might be cheating but I think you’ll allow me it. I brought a half knit pair of socks home from work just in case I had an overwhelming urge to really knock out another project, and it could still happen, but I am not holding my breath.