Advent Calendar Day 1

Last year a facebook friend of mine purchased the NYX advent calendar on black friday. I think in a slight moment of buyer’s remorse, she told herself she now had to post one selfie a day wearing the lip product contained in the advent calendar for the duration of the calendar. At the time I never even wore makeup, but it was my favorite thing on the internet in December 2017. When she decided to do it again this year, I decided I’d join in.


This year’s calendar contains more than lip products, there are highlighters, eyeshadow, and at least one blush as well. And, I am going to do the selfie a day on the blog and on facebook. Here we go!

Day 1 is a highlighter:

It has a bit of a lavender shift to it. It has absolutely no pink at all. It’s very light. I think it’ll actually look better on Miss Butterfly than it will on me. But, I am going to wear it. In fact, this will be my highlighter until the point I open the next one. For the record, I did not spoil this for me, so I really will not have a clue what I am getting each day.

And now for the selfie. I kept it pretty low key on makeup today because basically, I am still in pajamas. It’s nasty outside, it’s been pouring all night and then we got a nice wintery mix overtop of that. I have no intentions of going anywhere today, except for walking the dogs in the neighborhood providing the weather clears.


I have a distinct feeling it’ll be difficult to see my highlighter. I did my best. I did get a photo of the rest of the makeup I am wearing today:


Not sure I’ll get a daily makeup photo in the future, but today and tomorrow seem likely. Anyhow, I am wearing bare minerals concealer and powder foundation, laura mercier caviar stick in rose gold on my eyelids, a combo of butter bronzer and hoola bronzer paired with tarte paaarty blush, my chella brow pomade and anastasia brow gel on my brows, IT superhero mascara on my lashes, bite beauty (can’t remember the color) on my lips, and l’oreal infallible setting spray to top the whole thing off.

This was fun, and I can see why she decided to continue it this year despite suffering through some pretty challenging lip colors. And there’s certainly some enjoyment over not quite knowing what is coming next.

This won’t be the only thing I am posting about through the month, but I will split things into two, so some days there will be more than one post from me through Christmas day.

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