Advent Calendar day 3

It’s a win for me! This morning we pulled out a nice bold colored liquid suede lipstick. That’s right up my alley!

I totally forgot to photograph my makeup choices in general, as I had to be at work before 7 am, but I can run through them even so.

-Wet n wild photofocus foundation
-Clinique powder
-Maybelline age rewind concealer
-Chella brow pomade
-Tarte be a mermaid and make waves eyeshadow
-Style Sepia eyeliner in brown
-Sephora brand mascara
-A combo of Hula bronzer and PF butter bronzer
-Tarte amazonian clay blush in paaarty
-NYX highlighter from advent calendar day 1

My big breakthrough of the day was finally figuring out how to use a wet brush for shimmery eyeshadows. Apparently, I’d just not been wetting the brush enough, and since I wasn’t able to get the shimmer payoff I wanted, I would then give up and use my finger for application. This morning I tried again and it worked beautifully, and that also means I needed to spend less time trying to clean up the edges of my eyeshadow. I am most pleased about this development! One of the major reasons I am pleased is that those tiny scale shaped pans in my current pan that palette challenge will not accommodate using my fingers for application for much longer.

I am not sure how many inches of snow we ended up getting over the weekend, but we’ve got a really nice amount out in the yard. We took Rose to the dog park despite the fact that the weather was terrible. She was thrilled! She ran and ran and ran. There were only 4 other dogs there and none that could keep up with her. After a time, Mr. Ink and I just spread far apart and started calling her. She’d run to one of us and then the other would call and she’d run back. Once she got the hang of this, she just ran one huge oval around us. Once she got too cold she quickly let us know that it was time for us to take her home. (There was also 2 big and not particularly well-behaved mastiffs there and she wasn’t a fan of them.)

We got home, decorated the tree, and then Miss Butterfly and I took the dogs out in the yard for more play time. They bounded through the snow, sometimes playing together, sometimes not. Lizzie spent a lot of time shoving her face into the snow piles then doing a nice good snow roll. Rose spent a lot of time picking up pieces of snow to eat.

Once inside and changed out of wet clothing, we decided we were cold so we wanted to crawl in my bed to watch youtube videos and warm up. The dogs were on board.


They were a little on the sleepy side! Lizzie’s eye seems to be getting better, we are hoping for an all clear on Wednesday.

Then this wasn’t warm enough, so Rose crawled under the blankets with Miss Butterfly for a cuddle.


Once 7 rolled around, Lizzie made sure we all knew it was time to eat by perching herself on Rose and demanding we do her bidding.


And that’s how we did Sunday. It was a fantastic weekend!

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