Advent Day 5 and a WIP

Today was a surprise day off due to the day of mourning. I am not gonna lie, I have been sleeping poorly and I needed the rest. The dogs let me sleep until 6:50 this morning which is unprecedented. They didn’t even get Mr. Ink up in the middle of the night. Once up I curled Miss Butterfly’s hair, took her to school in my PJs, came home and baked bread, blocked a scarf you don’t even know about yet, and then took the dogs to the dog park while it was still cold enough not to be a snowy/muddy mess. The dogs had a fantastic time, Lizzie even tried to play with a husky a little bit, which is exceedingly rare.

Let me show you the project I am working on before posting that daily selfie. Miss Marja pointed me in the direction of a 2 color mosaic cowl that once I saw I was quite eager to try. While my color choices may be subtle, I am really liking it. The pattern is called rhythmical lines, and so far I am enjoying it quite a bit.


I am using my own handspun on this one, the brighter stuff is silk and the darker stuff is wool. They were both dyed in the same colorway. So, the colors differences are subtle but I think quite beautiful. Please ignore the red provisional cast on scrap yarn.

OK now on to the makeup stuff. Today we received a lip gloss in the color sweet nothing. It’s quite a lovely product really, though since it was a surprise day off I was hoping for one of the weird colors to pop up. But, we do have a vet appointment for Lizzie to double check her eye so this one is a nice easy color to wear out of the house.

Forgive the crazy hair, I sorta forgot to do anything about it before snapping a photo. I got a little too focused on the makeup.

Since I had extra time, I did take a photo of the products I used today as well.


I honestly was trying to keep it simple, but in the end, it wasn’t simple. From left to right. In the brows I used my chella brow pomade and ABH brow gel. For concealer and foundation I used bare minerals. As I often do, I used a combo of butter bronzer and hula bronzer on my face. Tarte paaarty for a blush since I am trying to hit pan on that one, and the NYX highlighter in cinnamon spice I received yesterday because why not? The two eyeliners I used was the milk makeup gel eyeliner in nude in my waterline and a black sparkle eyeliner from jonteblu we got in boxy charm last month. Everyone complains about this eyeliner, but unlike my last jonteblu eyeliner, this one is smooth and creamy and works very nicely for me.

On my eyes, I used wet n wild, the darker color, in my crease and stila on my lid. In the inner corner is a thrive causemetics eye brightener I got in fab fit fun winter box (I like it!) and I used a combo of mascara, wander beauty and a sephora lashcraft.

And that’s it, though I do promise to run a comb through my hair before the vet appointment. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings us!

4 thoughts on “Advent Day 5 and a WIP

  1. Glad you got an unexpected day off, though I am sorry it is because the Bush family lost another parent/grandparent. I can’t imagine doing mourning in such a public way…

    Anyway, knitting. It is lovely, as always. Your patience with scarves impresses me. They are one thing I really don’t like knitting, and I have done three this year! But I am confused about your yarn… both are silk, both in the same colorway? They look quite different. It’s amazing!

    • Good catch, let me edit that. The darker is wool, and I think it was a colorway dyed over an already dark wool. So, while they are the same colorway, the dye take up is completely different. Sorry. I was feeling really brain foggy yesterday. (For instance, I failed to add milk to my postum drink, put it in the microwave, and stunk up the entire house with the smell of burning wheat and molasses.)

      • I figured it must be a typo, but maybe I was missing something. Either way, it is beautiful!

        Lol at forgetting the milk… our brains tell us when they are overloaded, don’t they?

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