Advent calendar Day 7 and a finished object

Finished object first, ok? I didn’t even show this off as a work in progress.


The pattern is called Crazy Magic Bias scarf. I really enjoy a rippled pattern knit on the bias since it doesn’t do that weird thing where it folds on the decreases after blocking. I’ve had too many scarves do that to keep knitting them. But, the bias prevents that nicely. I am really loving this shawl, made from handspun 2 ply. It has a note of 70s afghan but at the same time, it’s interesting and updated. I am into it!

Now on to the rest of the post. It is day 7 of the NYX advent calendar, and today’s offering was a cool toned pink matte liquid lip. I was super excited to get this and chose my eye look around it, using cool toned shadows. But in the end, Miss Butterfly loves this so much I may just give it to her once today is over.

It looks perfectly fine on me (though I did choose a more neutral foundation to pair with it, toning down a warmer skin tone than the color wanted) but if Miss Butterfly wants it, that’s ok too! I am just hoping for an eyeshadow, blush, or highlighter soon because I am itching to wear that lip gloss from day 5 again!

In other news, we rearranged the living room yesterday. Mostly because Miss Butterfly didn’t love how the larger tree we have this year blocked the view from one side to the other when sitting in the chairs. We changed things around and it looks really nice. Trouble is, I don’t have enough light where my chair sits now to do my knitting. So I have to sit on the couch.


Someone is extremely pleased with this turn of events. And yes, my knitting is perfectly safe. She’d never try anything while I am looking straight at her.

This morning she wasn’t too pleased with my getting up to go to work. She’d been sitting next to me acting like she thinks she’s human and looked a bit confused when I got up.


I should get photos of the living room configuration, I am totally digging it. It may stick around even after the tree is put away.

That’s it from here, looking for a weekend of relaxing and dog park attending!


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