Advent Day 8 and my WIP

Advent calendar day 8 is another highlighter! This one is my favorite so far. It’s got a really nice pink sheen to it. Today is Saturday, and my grand Saturday plan is heading to the dog park. As such, I can do whatever I like with my makeup and no one will be the wiser except people at the dog park who I do not know. I decided to do an experimental look, tons of shine and shimmer all over the face. And then I brought the pink metallic lipstick back for extra fun.


High shine or not, I’d totally wear this out, except for the lip product.

Now for the knitting. I’ve made it a lot further on the rhythmical lines cowl.


It’s so pretty and interesting, I am really enjoying the yarn combo and the knit. It’s been a good choice. Sometimes I have to dip down and correct the diamond lines when I screw them up and don’t notice, but even that is fairly easily corrected.

I have enjoyed my day today. I finally got a little quiet time last night while Mr. Ink and Miss Butterfly were out of the house together. Then this morning I baked bread and started some sweet potatoes dehydrating in the oven for dog treats. I am hoping they’ll work well for Rose’s sensitive tummy. Miss Butterfly is busy packing for a trip with her stepmom to go visit her father who is out of town on business for an extended period, and we will be going to the dog park right after lunch. A very nice day.

So I leave you with a photo of Rose enjoying a cuddle and sharing her observations of the neighborhood.


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