Day 11

Yesterday I got home and immediately took the dogs for a walk. Didn’t even bother to get a snack or change out of my work clothing. I love that it has been cold enough that our 9 inches of snow stuck around, but at this point it’s getting irritating. There’s a freeze and thaw cycle going on right now and all sidewalks are just an icy mess. All my walks with the dogs are extremely slow moving because none of us want to slip and fall. Even the dogs. I took them on their walk immediately because I had a suspicion that Mr. Ink was coming down with a nasty cold. He rarely complains but had been consuming cough drops very fast on Sunday. I was right, he got home and was miserable. I didn’t want him to think I needed help with the dogs while he was so sick.

We ordered in as well since I was projecting. I always crave chinese food when I am sick. So, it felt like ordering chinese was going to be the right thing to do rather than have Mr. Ink cook. He seemed extremely appreciative.

I got a call from our neighbor last evening, she asked if we still would watch her dog over the holidays. She wants to go out of town. We are very happy to do so, he’s a 13 year old english foxhound, and he’s a really fun dog! We love him. Rose is going to be SOOOOO excited about this development. We will have him for about a week, and I am headed to her house tonight to get all the details on his care.

Anyhow, that brings us up to date and we can now look at what we got in the advent calendar for day 11. Quite frankly, my makeup game was not 100% today. I blame exhaustion, with Mr. Ink sick and miserable I am not sure anyone got a ton of good sleep last night. Including the dogs. But, anyhow, the item is a butter gloss, and it’s really nice!

The color is Glaze-y days. It’s very pretty and I will consider it another win from the calendar. So far only 2 products I’d consider getting rid of, and this isn’t one of them.

Have a great day, that’s all from here!

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