Advent Calendar day 12

Rose says: Oh Hai!


Miss Butterfly and Lizzie taught Rose how to play hide and seek last evening, their favorite winter game. Rose loved it! This is right after she found Miss Butterfly behind the couch.

It’s advent calendar day 9 and today we received a blush. Miss Butterfly doesn’t like it, but I do! I am wearing 3 advent calendar items here, today’s blush as well as a highlighter and the intense butter gloss.

We are rolling through December rather quickly, aren’t we? Almost doesn’t seem possible, and I am still not prepared for Christmas. I need to get a few tiny sock ornaments done tonight for gifts. I am actually looking forward to that, and maybe I can even have them count as a project completed this year! Maybe that’s my incentive.

I spent over an hour at the neighbor’s house chatting after getting to know her dog’s routine. We’ll be looking after him for a week, and we are all so excited! We’ve got express permission to basically involve him in all our usual activities. He can go for car rides, go to the dog park, go for walks, and we can bring our dogs over to use her fenced in backyard for some fun off-leash playtime. I think it’s going to be a fantastic week for all the dogs! And us!

I suppose that’s it for today. I still haven’t gotten a photo of the current project since I haven’t been at home during the light of day. I’ll try again tonight! Happy midweek!