Advent Calendar day 13

So, it’s advent calendar day 13 and we finally got an eyeshadow! Yay! But, that eyeshadow is basically just a matte shadow that is only good for setting the eyeshadow base. Boo. I guess that means I still get to create whatever eye look I like. Yay! But, I ended up with a super blown out smokey eye look because I kept making mistakes and things just got quickly out of hand. Boo.

This look would be awesome with some winged liner, but since I don’t actually know how to do that and can’t be bothered to practice, it gets to stay as is. Plus, I am working today.

I can tell there are more eyeshadows coming soon, so we’ll see what I can create with those. And, I am not mad about getting something to set my base with, we can always use those up. I am not mad about getting to use eyeshadow I already own either, it’s been a fun month of working my way through various shadows and not bothering much at all with my pan that palette project.

On the knitting front, I finally got a photo of my in progress rhythmical lines cowl. This one is going to be super long!


It’s also super pretty! I am really loving the color combo and the subtleness of some of the color pairings. It’s really an easy knit, and it’s soothing to work on. I had to put it down yesterday to create some tiny socks as tree ornaments, but I’ll get back to it after I have a bunch of those.

And with that, I’ll sign off and hope to add ornament photos soon!

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