Day 14

Here we are at day 14, the advent calendar offering is a light pink shimmer that is quite pretty, and I am left wondering if the last week of this project is going to be a misery of odd eyeshadow and lip colors since most of what we have received has been pretty gentle.

Today I’ve got the eyeshadow from yesterday and today on paired with morphe/jaclyn hill palette. I have also used the blush and pink highlighter from previous days, as well as the intense butter gloss which I really like! It might get used up by the end of this month at this rate, I have worn it repeatedly on days where there is no lipstick offering from the calendar.

I am so pleased it is Friday. Miss Butterfly has a camp get together and gift exchange. They are supposed to keep the gifts to a $5 limit. So, I made Miss Butterfly a little stocking ornament to give for this exchange. Because I already had the needles out, I also made another for a work friend.


The blue one, which is slightly brighter in person, is headed to the gift exchange and the other is headed to work. But, I think I do need this same lovely color on our tree, so I need to get another created. And I also made another last evening that is still blocking. And and and, well, I’ve fallen down the itty bitty stocking rabbit hole again. Actually, that’s not entirely true. Maybe I’ll crank out one a day, but making them seems to make my hands and arms ache, so I can’t crank them out repeatedly. But it has been fun pulling out the sock scrap yarns in my secret stash for this type of thing again. I didn’t do it at all last year, as our tree was already overloaded. This year we have a larger tree so I can fit these in just fine.

That’s it from here! The snow is quickly melting now, though it stuck around for a good long time, and the weekend promises to be muddy but quite pleasant. I can’t wait to get outside with the dogs! Have a great day!

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