Day 16-It Finally Happened

I opened my advent calendar door this morning to find…..

A periwinkle blue matte lipstick!

Since I don’t wear weird lip colors at all ever, I struggled to figure out what to pair with this. I ended up going with cool-toned eyeshadow, though I don’t now know if that was for the best. Maybe something slightly more neutral would have left me looking a little less….frosty? I don’t know. In the spirit of the challenge I set for myself, I wore this to two different stores today. It grew on me actually, I don’t hate it. Would I wear it on the regular? Nope. But, I don’t hate it.

A pretty gentle day around here, I popped a bunch more sweet potatoes in the oven to dehydrate for the dogs, Miss Butterfly and I went shopping for them, it was time to replace all the various chewy things they need to keep them occupied. It’s to warm for the dog park today, it’ll just be a mud pit, so instead, we are going to take a nice long walk around the lake.

I did finish my rhythmical lines cowl so that’s blocking at the moment. So I started something new.


The pattern is for a cowl called Gentille. The yarn is Miss Marja’s handspun. I am hoping to be able to finish this and the brioche knit scarf before the end of the year. The brioche won’t be a problem at all. I feel pretty confident I can finish this one too as there are days off in there.

That’s it from here, hope all is well in your life!


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