Advent calendar day 18

Today we received a nyx liquid suede lipstick in color peanut brittle. It’s an orangey toned lipstick which is so entirely my jam that I know I’ll finish this before any other lipstick we’ve received in this calendar. I could wear this look daily for a long time before becoming bored with it. I love orange-toned makeup on my skin and I love this look together. I paired this with my nyx eyeshadow palette which has a ton of similar orange tones in it.

So, big win for day 18 and that leaves only 1 lipstick shaped door appearing on a workday. I think that’s at the end of the week.

No knitting related content today, but I did take a photo of a dog nose. Rose has found a routine she loves. After she eats dinner, and then we eat dinner, she hopes that we’ll sit together on the couch. Since we moved the couch to a new position, it means that both Mr. Ink and I sit on it together when we watch a show after dinner. Rose has decided that it’s her perfect cuddle time. She moves off the end of the couch and comes around to curl up directly on my lap. Once I am ready to go to bed she’s so fast asleep she becomes quite the relaxed lump and it’s really hard to get her to move. It’s hard to even get her to open her eyes. She’s such a sweetheart!


I had just gotten her to at least open her eyes, as we’d indicated it was time to go out for one last time. But she wasn’t moving. Isn’t that the prettiest dog nose you ever did see?


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