Advent Calendar Day 19

We are closing in on the final days of this challenge I created for myself this year. I really had fun doing this, and I do hope to do it again next year.

Today’s item was a shimmery eyeshadow with sort of a spice color to it. I ended up pairing this with eyeshadows that have a similar color in the palette already, the Ace Beaute grandiose palette.

It’s a slightly dramatic look, but I paired it with a true nude (on me) lipstick and I think it’s ok.

I believe that tomorrow’s item is another eyeshadow, so it’ll be interesting to see what that one is. Perhaps with the last eyeshadow, I should create something that uses all of them.

That’s about it from here! I’ve been dealing with a sick teen this week, which has been stressful with the end of the semester drawing near. Hopefully she’ll be over her fever tomorrow, but it’s hard to tell! I hope you all are having a great week.