Advent Calendar Day 20

It’s a bit of a weird day around here. Miss Butterfly has had a fever all week and last evening started complaining of a very sore throat. So, I am home from work unexpectedly in order to take her to the doctor this morning.

I did get up and do my makeup though, just as is required for this advent calendar challenge. Today’s product is a warm toned brown matte shadow, great for a crease or transition color. I used it in my crease and a bit higher, and then I packed an olive green loose pigment on the lid. This was a really simple and fast look, one I need to remember for days when I either don’t feel like spending a bunch of time on makeup or days when I’ve woken up later but still want to do makeup.

The lipstick is a bite beauty amuse-bouche sample size I got in a kit of 4 this fall. It’s way darker than I’d usually wear but those bite beauty lipsticks feel so nice to wear! I do think I’ll try to pan one of them in the upcoming year. But maybe not this one.

I finished a cowl which is blocking and last evening I finished my 3 color brioche scarf which is soaking. So I needed to get something else on the needles. While I was working on the 3 color brioche scarf I realized that it could be a rather fabulous effect for handspun yarn with some color changes. While I wasn’t expecting to start another so soon, I had 3 colors of single yarns in my stash from probably way back when I originally began spinning. I decided it would be really nice to have those three yarns that were haunting me for years out of my stash, so I cast them on.


This one is rather crazily colored but I think also quite fun. I am enjoying inspecting how my early handspun singles work while knitting, not that bad for the record, and I am enjoying seeing how the colors all play together.

That’s the total update from here! Now I am off to get the dogs walked early before Miss Butterfly’s appointment. It will be nice to get that off my plate so that when I get home from work this afternoon I don’t have to concern myself.

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