Advent Calendar Day 21

Here we go! I kind of knew it might be in there….


It’s a black lipstick and it happened to show up on the last day of work before the new year, so I am wearing it at work. I figured if I am going to wear it at work, I might as well pair it with a wild looking eye. I follow Smacy’s youtube channel, and she’s doing looks from palettes she already owns every day this month. This is her look from the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette. I decided it would be perfect for a black lipstick and did my best to recreate it. Despite the fact that I have a totally different eye shape and comparatively poor makeup skills than she does. I don’t think I did that badly!

I toned everything else down with this look. I applied only a subtle highlighter and a nude blush and kept the rest of my look quite matte. I think it helps me not feel completely over the top, but I do feel uncomfortable in this lip color. It’s like an alter ego is being exposed that I don’t really need work folks to know exists.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk knitting. Specifically the little cowl I knit out of Miss Marja’s handspun yarn recently!


I am really rocking those slightly ’70s vibes this season, aren’t I? I love these colors. It’s really fun and unusual. The yarn is soft and bouncy and now so is the cowl. That’s 85% of my goal for knitting projects this year.

I did just set the 3 color brioche scarf, the first one, out to dry last evening so hopefully, by tomorrow, I’ll be able to show that off too!

Despite the fact that Miss Butterfly was still sick yesterday and also school ended yesterday for the holiday, I sent her to school this morning. I arranged with one of her teachers that she could make up her final this morning. So, that’s happening. I just don’t want her to forget everything, and then come back in the new year and not have the knowledge base she needs. She may also be able to complete her final art project, but I am not positive.

I did take her to the doctor yesterday to rule out strep throat. I mean, I just really didn’t want to end up with no other options besides the ER over the holiday and a very sick kid. No strep! So, I think we are in the clear to just let the virus run its course. Today she goes to visit her father and after a week of caring for a sick kid that’ll be a relief for everyone.

That’s it from here, only 3 more makeup selfie days left! Have a great weekend!

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