Advent Calendar Day 22

This is one very late posting, but it’s been a busy day. I hope to do a little better tomorrow, but no promises! Today’s calendar item was a dark brown liquid lipstick. Again, not my most favorite color but I think I made it work. To be honest, I could see using this again. I paired it with my Alamar volume 1 palette (Aside-has anyone seen a review on volume 2 yet? If so-point me in the right direction! I think it’s fair to imagine that most haven’t even gotten it yet and have most of their holiday content already scheduled.)

Anyhow, the photos.

If you think I look a little pale, I do. Good catch. I mentioned it was a bit hectic today? I totally failed to put on blush or highlighter.

And the reason for the hectic? It was day 1 of watching our neighbor’s 13 year old english foxhound. (To be honest, I think he might have some husky in him, he’s an awfully fluffy old guy!)

He’s a lovely dog, but integrating him into our household is going the way it does with Lizzie who can be jerky mcjerkface to other dogs. Thankfully, Jasper has let her know very clearly that he won’t be bullied. To be honest, she still makes him nervous but he’s found peace with the situation by hanging out with Mr. Ink in his den. Now Mr. Ink has a doggo to cuddle too for the week.


On the upside, they all walk very nicely together. You may be surprised, but it’s easiest to walk Jasper and Lizzie together and keep Rose separate. Even though they struggle to get along in our home, they are perfectly lovely out on a walk together.

And because of this, I never got around to taking a photo of my 3 color brioche scarf. Sorry about that, I’ll try for tomorrow. We did manage to take Jasper home to give him a breather and took our dogs to the dog park. It was a muddy mess, and Rose needed a bath when we got home. But it was still worth every moment of getting Rose out for a good run. I doubt we’ll do it again until the weather freezes over the mud. With the rain/snow in the forecast and warm weather, I don’t see that happening until the end of the week.

Anyhow, the beginning of my time off for the holidays has gone well so far, but nothing that amounts to productivity has been done. I guess that is acceptable for day 1. It’s not my style, but it makes sense. PLUS! Mr. Ink is only off for the first 4 days of my break so maybe having a hectic day of nothing that productive but a lot of togetherness is exactly the thing. I hope the holidays are treating you well too!

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