Advent Calendar day Christmas Eve Eve

It’s day 23. I am ALMOST done. I looked at today’s product and thought “No problem, I got this!” and then proceeded to struggle hard. I thought the shimmery graphite color, applied on my lid with a wet brush, would totally be shimmery enough to carry a lightness to it on the eyelid. Not so!

I paired this with boudoir eyes from Too Faced. When the graphite color wasn’t light enough I used the shimmery pink from another day in the calendar on top of the graphite color in the center of the eyelid. I’d decided to try using a wet brush with the day 1 highlighter to get some lighter shimmer in the inner corner of the eye, but it didn’t go well. What it did do was suggest quite a purple tone, which I had imagined when I first used it. I liked the tone, just not the way I was using the product. So, I decided to use a metallic purple color single shadow from vanessa’s vanity on my inner corner. I like that a lot!

In the end, the look came together quite well. The power of blending and blending and blending some more. I did manage to incorporate quite a few of the advent calendar offerings in this look, so I took a picture of everything I used.

So that’s that, it took a lot longer than I imagined.

Yesterday’s struggle with the visiting dog didn’t improve much. We don’t want him having accidents at the neighbor’s home so we really are trying to keep him with us a lot. But there are struggles. The dogs don’t get along as well as we had hoped and Jasper won’t poo on a leash. We don’t have a fenced yard. So, we are combining using the neighbor’s yard and home as well as keeping him in our home and monitoring the doggy interactions. Now, you might think, what’s the problem with just using the neighbor’s yard? It’s close by, should be no issue, right? Except to get to this next door neighbor’s yard we have to walk about a block. I know that sounds odd, but her home is located in a small condo complex which is separated by a fence with no gate. So, instead of going next door, we have to go out back to the next street, walk up to the other end of the complex, enter the drive, walk back down to our street area, then back over to our next door neighbor’s unit. It’s complicated! We joke that we should put in a gate because Mr. Ink is often over there giving her advice and helping out, but someone would have to pay for that.

Anyhow, we seem to be putting ourselves into a rhythm now, so I got a shot of my 3 color brioche scarf. It is pretty on both sides! Plus, a bonus photo of another tree sock ornament.


I also finished my second 3 color brioche knit, but I made that into a cowl and it’s currently blocking. Now it’s time to start something new. So, if we count the three itty bitty stockings as “a project” I now have knit 90% of my 40 project goal. It might be cheating but I think you’ll allow me it. I brought a half knit pair of socks home from work just in case I had an overwhelming urge to really knock out another project, and it could still happen, but I am not holding my breath.

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