Advent Calendar day Christmas Eve

And this draws this project to a close. I can go back to my non selfie taking ways for another 11 months. Unless I find another clever excuse to showcase some makeup in my collection. But for now, let’s just say this is the end.

Today’s eyeshadow is a dark brown matte with a purple undertone. Not mad to have it in my collection, but it would have been really fun if the advent calendar single shadows formed a cohesive look. They do not. Or at least not that I can create.

I used it in the outer corner while using my tarte be a mermaid and make waves palette for the rest of the look. To be honest, this dark brown shade works very well with the mermaid palette, as the palette is missing something dark for the outer corner. I am using a Bobbi Brown crushed lip color with this look, it’s my favorite lip find of the year, though all I have is a tiny sample I received as a sephora bonus.

This look is actually the most “me” look in the entire 24 days. This is how I tend to do my makeup most of the time, and this is how I like to see myself. No matter how creative I get with makeup, this is probably where I am most likely to come back to.

Now on to the next thing, a finished 3 color brioche cowl!


Isn’t that fun? I love all the colors and textures. I had these three yarns as one in my stash, so it’s only one item out of my stash. I am now down to 116 yarns in my stash. And one on the needles, but it never got entered as stash as I just received it for my birthday. We’ll see if I can actually get down to under 100 in 2019. That’s the goal!

A very merry christmas friends! I hope you have a most peaceful holiday.