NYX Advent Calendar Wrap Up

I wanted to do a quick wrap up post on my experience with the NYX advent calendar. First of all, I really enjoyed it and I’d absolutely do it again next year. In fact, I look forward to it! Secondly, I found that forcing myself to wear colors I wouldn’t typically choose ended up being a great way to think out of my comfort zone. It was good for creativity. Sometimes what I created fell flat for me, but other times I really liked the look and was surprised at how well it came together. I enjoyed the blue and black lipstick days quite a lot even though they weren’t things I’d have ever chosen to wear.

I am going to choose a few of my favorite looks to revisit:

I chose the blue lipstick look even though I wouldn’t ever wear it simply because I did wear it. I wore it out and I wasn’t even nervous, embarrassed, or ashamed of it. Like, once I was out of the house, I owned it and didn’t really find myself caring what anyone thought about it.

Also during this challenge, Mr. Ink ended up really liking the black lipstick. Not even necessarily black lipstick itself, but that’s a point where he decided that dark lipstick suits me and he enjoyed seeing me in it. That’s kinda funny coming from a guy who has repeatedly said he would prefer if I never wore lipstick of any kind!

Now, I just want to highlight the products themselves. Naturally, we received 24 products. 14 of them were lip items. 6 were eyeshadows, 3 were highlighters, and there was one blush. There were 5 lip items that I doubt I’ll wear again:


But, the three on the right I am saving even though I doubt I’ll wear them. Sort of a just in case situation. The nyx slip tease Miss Butterfly wants. So, the only item out of all 24 that is actually leaving my collection is the barbie pink matte lipstick. Miss Butterfly is going to try to see if a friend wants it.


That leaves me with 19 items I will actually actively work into my collection. So, all in all, a pretty good success I think! Though honestly I would have found this to be worth it just for the fun of doing it. The experience. That would have been worth the money I paid. The 19 products that’ll work into my collection is just a nice little bonus.

Now, I suspect an advent calendar like this is designed to get you to try a bunch of items and hopefully find something you like enough to go out and purchase. For me there was only one item in the collection that I’ll be exploring in the full size, and that’s the intense butter gloss. I love the purple one I received, I’ve worn it numerous times since, and I plan to wear it again today. While I go out and look at stores for more intense butter gloss. That item was a huge win. The lip oils are nice too. While I am personally unlikely to purchase them, Miss Butterfly truly loves them and it’s fun to have received two so I can just hand one over to her.

All in all, a great success! Be on the lookout for one or two of those lip items to end up in a project pan next year. And that’s it from me today, it’s time for Miss Butterfly and I to head out shopping together!


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