Some Knitting Drama

For my birthday earlier this month, Miss Marja gave me some handspun yarn. I didn’t want to add it to my stash, so I decided to pick a pattern and knit it immediately. I chose the Nara scarf from my “The Knitter’s Book of Wool.” I’ve been wanting to make that scarf for a while and the handspun really seemed appropriate.

I got about 3/4 of the thing knit but then realized that the double knit edges, even with keeping the yarn extra loose, just seemed like they were pulling on the scarf and I didn’t trust it to lay flat. I began considering frogging the entire thing.

Before I could do so though, a young, very sweet dog decided to help me make the decision.


This is my young, very sweet dog who decided that bamboo needles were sticks and must be destroyed. She did NOT, for the record, destroy the scarf this time! PROGRESS!

But, I decided that was as good an excuse as any to rip the entire thing out and go back to a simple garter stitch border. Now, I will tell you this, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and in this case, I am the old dog. I left my knitting on the couch again and Rose destroyed the needles on the revamped scarf too!

Never one to be low on needles I just pulled out a pair of METAL needles rather than wooden, and got back to business.


Turned out to be a rather pretty little scarf! I really like it. I’d even knit this pattern again, as long as I keep my modifications.

So, that brought me to 95% of my yearly goal. Then I decided I was really going to go all in on almost achieving that goal. I started a pair of socks ages ago at work. I had one sock done except for the heel and toe. I figured why not bring them home and see if I can finish them up as well?


And I did! So that brings me to 98% of my goal and that’s where it is going to end. 39 out of the hoped-for 40 projects this year.

Now on to talking about knitting goals for next year. As it was, I had cleared my stash out, bringing my yarn stash down to 115 entries. But! I went to see Miss Marja yesterday and she had me choose some yarns. I came home with 14 new yarns. That brings me ALL the way back up to 129 yarns. And I haven’t even got the motivation to photograph and enter these 14 yarns in my stash! So it may be that I just knit them up immediately. We’ll see. But for real, I am so grateful for a lovely source of gorgeous handspun yarn to play with. There’s something special about enjoying knitting someone else’s handspun. I loved knitting the Nara scarf and I have Ideas about some of the yarn I brought home yesterday.


The stash is stuffed full again, with very little space for more yarn. I’d had it fairly well cleaned out! I may have to try some rearranging again to see what space I can make.

And that’s it from here, the final wrap up knitting post of 2018. Another strong year despite expanding my hobbies once again.

5 thoughts on “Some Knitting Drama

  1. You did great! 39 projects done! Don’t kick yourself, you made great progress. It could be that you hadn’t cleared out stash but still got 14 new skeins! Think where you would be then. Just keep plugging away and being aware. It will happen. And think of the fun of knitting all those nice yarns will be!

  2. You did great on getting near your goal. I see now that I need a cubby like yours so I can see what I have at a glance rather than searching through bins. A project for The Skipper to build. Ah Rose, the face says it all. Yarn Rascal used to chew on my wooden and bamboo needles too. He out grew that. Plus we supplied him with a lot of things to chew on. Plus I never leave my needles where he can get them. I can see him chewing them just for old times sake.

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